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  • I just wanted to let everyone know about my experience yesterday with the new Family Search website in regards to microfilm ordering/renewing. I set up a userid and password about 6 weeks ago, so I could order a microfilm online. I needed to renew the film yesterday and could NOT get my userid and password to work - the website kept rejecting it as 'invalid'. I even tried the...
    Marlene Roy Dec 19, 2010
  • I must be the ONLY person on the Dist-Gen list who has not had an increased level of SPAM since being transferred from Cadvision to Telus - I haven't noticed anything extra ! I am however, very unhappy with the level of service of Telus compared to Cadvision. I don't think their service compares to what I had before and the transition from Cadvision was handled badly. I am actively...
    Marlene Roy Oct 2, 2002
  • Hi, Rene; I just returned from vacation to find my mailbox full of messages about the 1901 census. Would you mind sending me the Tips document that you mentioned on dist-gen ? It will certainly save me from reading all the emails ! Thanks, Marlene Roy http://www.afhs.ab.ca http://www.family-roots.ca
    Marlene Roy Sep 10, 2002
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