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[FWD: Firewall Guidelines Plus]

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  • Mary Arthur
    I received this and thought it might help someone considering buying protection for their computer.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2002
      I received this and thought it might help someone considering buying
      protection for their computer.

      > Internet Security News For End Users, Firewallguide.com, December 12,
      > 2002
      > This is our summary of firewall guidelines based, in part, on the last
      > two issues of Scot Finnie's Newsletter -- November 25 and December
      > 9th, 2002:
      > • You should not use two software firewalls at the same time.
      > • If you replace your software firewall with a new one, you should do
      > a complete uninstall of the old one first. This is true even if the
      > firewall is from the same vendor. This does not apply to minor
      > upgrades like Norton live update. If the vendor offers a uninstall
      > utility, use it rather than the Windows uninstaller utility. For the
      > firewall built into Windows XP, turn it off before installing a
      > third-party firewall.
      > • Using a software firewall with a NAT router works and offers
      > greater protection.
      > • Using a software firewall with a SPI firewall router is better yet
      > unless the two firewalls are incompatible. If you have problems using
      > both, you should turn off the firewall features of the router and use
      > the software firewall instead. Note: We use both and have not had any
      > problems. However, there are too many potential combinations of
      > routers and software firewalls to predict which ones will or will not
      > work together.
      > Internet Spam/Viruses... Getting Worse -- E-Mail Threats Increase
      > Sharply, David Legard, PC World, December 12, 2002.
      > Anti-Trojans Going Mainstream Slowly -- PestPatrol has been reviewed
      > by CNet, Neil Randall, December 6, 2002. This is the second mainstream
      > consumer oriented review of an anti-trojan product. PC Magazine was
      > first when they reviewed anti-trojan software last spring.
      > For Parents
      > • This article compares the new kid related services of AOL and MSN8.
      > See Web guardians: More help for parents who want better control over
      > kids' Internet Use, Cynthia Flash, Seattle Times, December 7, 2002
      > • Internet Filters Block Many Useful Sites, Study Finds, John
      > Schwartz, New York Times, December 12, 2002
      > Smart Shopping -- Symantec product rebates often are limited to one
      > copy. Many home users have two or three computers. Here is a solution
      > to save $130 on three copies of Norton Internet Security 2003 which
      > retails for $70 per copy.
      > • First, purchase a CD from Amazon.com, it is $5 after $5 discount
      > and two $30 rebates. Save $65. Note: This offer ends in a few weeks.
      > • Second, if you already have a copy of Norton Internet Security, you
      > can download an upgrade for the 2003 version for $40 from Symantec.
      > Save $30.
      > • Third, if you are shopping for a router, Linksys is offering a free
      > CD copy of NIS03 with any router purchased in the US or Canada after
      > September 25, 2002, with 60 days of free updates. A one year update
      > subscription is available for $35 from Symantec (save $35). See
      > Linksys Signs a Security Deal With Symantec, Paul Roberts, PC World,
      > November 26, 2002. To order a CD, go to Linksys.
      > If you are shopping for a router, take a look at the Linksys Etherfast
      > Cable/DSL Firewall Router BEFSX41, 4-port, VPN, DMZ, SPI, $79 (before
      > rebate) at Amazon.com
      > • Scot Finnie's Newsletter Top Product, November 25, 2002
      > • PC Magazine Editor's Choice, November 19, 2002
      > • Practically Networked Recommended, Vikki Lipset, October 17, 2002
      > • SmallNetBuilder review, Tim Higgins, August 11, 2002
      > Note: If you have or purchase a Linksys router, be sure to upgrade the
      > firmware. See Linksys Vulnerabilities Linger, Brett Glass,
      > ExtremeTech, December 4, 2002.
      > • Home PC Firewall Guide
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