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Calgary Obits - research strategy

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  • E.Rodier
    Check the online Herald Archives if a death date is after May 3, 2002. Check the AFHS web site to see if older burials were included in the index for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2002
      Check the online Herald Archives if a death date is after May 3, 2002. Check
      the AFHS web site to see if older burials were included in the index for
      Burnsland. One of the individuals in my file is in the Cremations 1937-1979
      but perhaps buried in Sask with a sister or wherever another Calgary area
      brother was buried before 1954. Check city directories if a person lived in
      Calgary. I have 1974 directory at home if that is any help, not sure when
      the last Henderson's was produced.

      Old Calgary phone books may be available for reference if a household had a
      listed number.

      A researcher who goes to a large cemetery will need a grave location and a
      map. Many graves are unmarked and some at Union in Calgary are very hard to
      find. Be prepared to trim grass that partially covers flat markers and have
      an assistant to hold branches out of the way of markers close to trees.
      Found the markers for Mr & Mrs. Luck on the first visit to Burnsland, took
      better pictures on the second visit and then left their dates at home and
      couldn't check the newspaper microfilms for the obits on the third research

      Library books by Mary Kearns Trace list inscriptions at Union, helpful if a
      marker was readable when the book was prepared in 1986. Saw the books at
      downtown library, don't know if there are copies at AFHS or FHC where local
      meetings are held. Glenbow Library currently has better copies of some of
      the early directories than the public library.

      M. W. who died around 1950 in the Calgary area is not listed in Calgary
      burials. My next step is to check and see if his name was recorded as W. M.
      instead and listed with Morrison as a surname. No descendants to ask and the
      living descendants of cousins do not remember him after 1940s when he was in
      a nursing home. The family history notes may be the only record of his life.
      Need to check the online 1901 census for the homestead area in Saskatchewan.

      Anyone can phone the cemetery office 221-3660 to ask about a burial date in
      Calgary, then the obit is most likely to be in the newspaper a day or two
      earlier. Found a tiny newspaper Death announcement for a man in 1911 even
      though there is no record of his burial at Union under a variety of surname
      spellings. Next step is to contact the Union cemetery in Ontario where the
      widow of the 1911 man was buried. He wasn't listed in Calgary directories so
      the only record of his two years in Calgary is the faint obit from the

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      From: "Bev Rayburn"
      > I was asked by a lady in California but she did not have any dates, she
      > thought it might have been in the last couple of years. I will see if she
      > can narrow it down but she does not have a lot of information on this

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