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Re: Help Dunlop, Mason

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  • Ian Holmes
    This is a response to the message can you help me from Bob campbell of Kingston ON. His contact address wasn t given. The cemetery database of the Alberta
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2002
      This is a response to the message "can you help me" from Bob campbell of
      Kingston ON. His contact address wasn't given.

      The cemetery database of the Alberta Genealogical Society shows that the
      two families mentioned are buried in plot d003 of the Westlock Town
      Cemetery. Gladys and her father were indeed alive in 1940 but Gladys
      died in 1942 and both her father and husband died in 1946 according to
      this information.
      A local history book of the Barrhead area refers to a Dunlop family
      which just might be related to George and Constance.

      None of them were surviving in 1954 but, as you suggest, they might have
      had children.

      Listing by Source/Cemetery

      Westlock Map I5 SourceNo 1467 Westlock Town Cemetery

      DUNLOP, Constance M. - 19 Mar 1937 D003.d
      DUNLOP, Geo. (Esq.) - Apr 12 1946 D003.c
      MASON, Gladys M. L. - 03 Jun 1942 D003.f w/o Dr. R. Mason
      MASON, Robert H., - Jun 1946 D003.g h/o Gladys

      Barrhead Dis Map I5 SourceNo 2387 Trails Northwest Barrhead
      DUNLOP, Bob page
      DUNLOP, Family page 237

      I hope that this is of interest

      Ian Holmes

      RM McLean wrote:
      > Can anyone help Bob? I have the same ancestral name but not in Canada.
      > Hello:
      > Can you help me? I am attempting to trace a branch of my family tree.
      > Here's the information I have:
      > 1) Constance "Connie" May Gilbert married George Dunlop c. 1890 and their daughter Gladys M. L. Dunlop was born c. 1892
      > 2) In 1935 I believe this family was living in Westlock AB - I have a newspaper clipping of a death that mentions "Floral tributes were received from... Mr. and Mrs. G. Dunlop."
      > 3) A reliable family report says Gladys was married to a Dr. Mason and living in Westlock AB in 1940. Gladys' father George was there too but "very poorly." (He likely died soon after). I expect Connie was dead by then.
      > 4) Another report says Gladys was living near Edmonton (Westlock?) and married to a doctor in 1954.
      > A reasonable place to start would be searching for a Doctor Mason living in Westlock from at least 1940 to 1954. His wife would have been Gladys Dunlop, and they may have had children.
      > Thank you for whatever help you can give me.
      > Bob Campbell, Kingston ON

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