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Springbank school

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  • E.Rodier
    Hi Xenia, The 1921 Springbank school teacher s pictures are in major need of rescanning! Looks like they were part of my early 1996 efforts when I was using a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2002
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      Hi Xenia,
      The 1921 Springbank school teacher's pictures are in major need of
      rescanning! Looks like they were part of my early 1996 efforts when I was
      using a video camera on a copy stand prior to the first flatbed scanner
      purchased October 1996.

      The snapshot album is confusing with pictures in nearly random order over
      several years and family (Calgary) mixed with school pictures from various
      locations 1920-27. One of the best parts of genealogy software scrapbooks is
      adding pictures in random order, estimating dates and then sorting until the
      pictures are in logical groups by date and topic. Any subject with an
      unfamiliar location can have a map and the scrapbook illustrates each
      person's life story with the main details in captions.

      I've used Springbank as a category and made a PDF file with captions for
      three pages to send you separately. There are more pictures in the album and
      names of some people. One of the keepsakes is a little booklet of Christmas
      Exercises for Schools. Beula's name is written beside "The Marriage of Santa
      Claus" so that was around 1925 at Blackie. Not sure of the exact order of
      the country schools.

      Some of the visitors at the FTM table, Oct 26 FamilyRoots, heard my story
      about Beulah's pictures in the scrapbook display. Beulah's family boarded
      the teacher and then Beulah came to Calgary and boarded with Uncle Carl. She
      took pictures when his kids were small and recently sent them for scanning.
      Carl's great-grandsons in the US are named after family members. Beulah
      Manville used to work in the LDS library and some people know her family.

      Florence's sister Eva was secretary about 1922-24 to Henry Wise Wood,
      President of United Farmers of Alberta. They both participated in elocution
      contests held by the Womens' Christian Temperance Union. The family
      collected a lot of clippings of poetry and stories and the children might
      have learned some of the Christmas poems around the time they came to
      Calgary 1909. There are notes for a speech given by Eva at a Junior UFA
      meeting, Cayley.

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      From: "Xenia Stanford"
      > Is there any way to get a copy of the pictures and/or story? I am sure my
      > grandneice would love it for the 2003 Heritage Days.

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