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Fwd: [UPP-CAN] British PRO comtemplates destruction of records

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  • Eileen McElroy
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2002
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      >Subject: [UPP-CAN] British PRO comtemplates destruction of records
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      >This was sent to me by an archivist for forwarding to
      >appropriate lists.
      >Please read and join in the efforts to prevent this from
      >Subject: [CCC] British PRO comtemplates destruction of
      > ===========================
      >Dear listers,
      >I wonder if others are aware of proposals by the PRO to
      >destroy some 'overseas records' due to needing more storage
      >Responses are needed by the 15th of November so please do
      >read to the end of this email.
      >I have not been able to find any announcement on the PRO
      >website, but there is a good summary on the Federation of
      >Family History Societies page at:
      >May I urge everyone to visit this page. You can download
      >the entire proposal document using a link there. (You need
      >Adobe Acrobat but that is freely available on the internet.)
      >You may feel that as you do not have any 'overseas' events,
      >it doesn't concern you; please look at the FFHS page anyway!
      > We all know about mistakes in records, particularly copies,
      >and sometimes even in originals....
      >The PRO will always have 'problems' with storage space, and
      >the FFHS and the Society Of Genealogists have already
      >offered to take these 'spares' so they could be saved for
      >checking in the future. (Sometimes copies have been
      >corrected and are more accurate than originals.)
      >'Overseas' includes bmd's at sea, on aircraft and hovercraft
      >amongst other places!
      >Please do look at the FFHS page and send a response to the
      >PRO. Once the decision to destroy the records is taken they
      >will be gone forever - like so many others! I understand
      >that they were looking to re-house some Wills and were
      >approached by the SOG with an offer of safe-keeping. When
      >they looked for the Wills they realised that they had been
      >destroyed 10 years ago!
      >Many emails from individual 'users' could make the
      >Judy L Slocum
      >Rockford, Illinois
      >FFHS Website Information: Source:
      >On 6th August 2002, the PRO published a 14 page Consultation
      >Document for developing an Operational Selection Policy
      >regarding Records of Registration of Births, Marriages and
      >Deaths of UK citizens occurring overseas.
      >The PRO invites comments on the draft document from users of
      >the records or archive professionals by 15th November, 2002.
      >The draft considers:
      > a.. Birth and death registrations made by the Civil
      > Aviation Authority. b.. Records of births, marriages and
      > deaths[BMD] of Royal Navy, Army and RAF personnel made
      > overseas by the Ministry of Defence. c.. Records of BMD
      > and lex loci marriages [ marriages of British citizens
      > overseas conducted under the law of another state] at
      > British Consular Offices made by the Foreign and
      > Commonwealth Office. d.. Records of BMD in states overseas
      > where the UK has no consular representation made by the
      > Foreign and Commonwealth Office. e.. Records of deaths on
      > board offshore installations held by the DTI and
      > registered by the Registrar of Shipping and Seamen. f..
      > Records of births and deaths on board British civil and
      > military hovercraft overseas made by the DTI and the
      > Ministry of Defence. g.. Registrations of births and
      > deaths on British merchant ships at sea and foreign
      > merchant ships carrying passengers to or from British
      > ports made by the Registrar of Shipping and Seamen. h..
      > Registration of "Marriages" conducted on British
      > registered merchant vessels.
      >The PRO's Acquisition Policy requires it to select documents
      >that are relevant to "The economic, social and demographic
      >condition of the UK, as documented by the state's dealings
      >with individuals, communities and organisations outside its
      >own formal boundaries."
      >The Policy also states that "the cost of selection and of
      >storage must.be an explicit element in appraisal decisions
      >and, as part of this, the rate at which the PRO acquires
      >records must be carefully controlled." Consequently the
      >Draft document states that where the records mentioned above
      >duplicate information already held by the Registrar General,
      >the PRO WILL NOT select them for permanent preservation.
      >My initial comment is that it would be totally wrong to
      >destroy the duplicate copies particularly as the duplicates
      >have not been checked against the master copies. As family
      >historians we are well aware that major differences exist
      >between the local Registrars' books of Births, Marriages and
      >Deaths compared with the books held by ONS, as well as the
      >huge differences between Parish Register entries compared
      >with the so called duplicates - the Bishop's Transcripts.
      >There are certain to be differences in the overseas
      >registers so to destroy the duplicate copies would result in
      >significant historical information being lost. The
      >duplicates must be retained not only to help check queries
      >but also to stop further destruction of consular records
      >that may already have been destroyed.
      >The full text can be read/downloaded from:
      >The FFHS Executive Committee has made its formal response
      >and this follows below. But comments from Family History
      >Societies and individuals will be welcomed by the PRO and
      >you are strongly urged to submit them, even if you merely
      >say that you agree with and support the views expressed by
      >the FFHS.
      >Your comments should be sent by 15th November 2002 to:
      >Howard Davies,
      >Records Management Department,
      >Public Record Office,
      >Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU
      >or by e-mail to
      >Lorine McGinnis Schulze
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