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RE: I need your help!! 6713xT-6

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  • Xenia Stanford
    I have been reporting these attempted crimes to the special unit of the RCMP for several years now. It started when we used to receive these letters at work
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 9, 2002
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      I have been reporting these attempted crimes to the special unit of the RCMP
      for several years now. It started when we used to receive these letters at
      work via snail mail because there was no e-mail. I stated to them recently
      that I was surprised anyone (especially business people) fell for these. The
      answer I received from one of the top officers in the division handling this
      was that hundreds of people continue to do so every day and the people duped
      come from the well-educated and normally sensible lot.

      Also railing against these messages because they are from other countries,
      such as Angola, is futile because often they are operated right here in
      Canada or other parts of North America. It is not a government run scheme.
      It is a plain and simple scam that is kept alive because people believe they
      are helping someone else and helping themselves in the process. They are
      really just helping others help themselves to their money. Never give anyone
      like this your personal information, such as bank account number, name and
      birth date. And as I was quoted in the Calgary Herald as saying "don't use
      your mother's maiden name as a password for any account". Make up a name or
      word. It prevents identity theft which the RCMP say is on the increase.

      Finally never reply to any of these emails. Just delete them or as I do -
      forward them to phonebusters at wafl@... and then delete them.

      It started as the Nigerian fraud letters but has expanded to include other
      parts of Africa. Phonebusters now call it the "West Africa fraud letters" or
      more generically "advanced fee letter fraud".

      If you know someone who has been scammed or have urgent information call
      1-888-495-8501. For additional information on Advance Fee Letter Fraud see
      the following links:

      Also be aware there are 1-900 number frauds. If you receive an offer to call
      a 1-9XX (x for any number) for further information or to benefit from some
      service (such as the Cleo psychic hotline), be aware you are paying a per
      minute charge and will be on the phone for minutes to hours while the
      charges are racking up. I read how one woman stayed on Cleo's psychic
      hotline for 1.5 hours being told she would soon get through to Cleo. All the
      time apparently she received the same commercial over and over again. She
      hung up eventually and then with shock saw her next phone bill included a
      charge of hundreds of dollars for this call.

      So don't waste your breath complaining to the list. Report, ignore and/or
      delete these messages. When the scammers do not meet with success they will
      fade away.


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      Why do these things appear on our list? If the Angolan government wants to
      get their hands on the money, there is a reason for it. If Savimbi would
      have tried to make peace with the MPLA instead of carrying on and on and
      on, he might be alive by now and Angola could go back to the prosperous
      country it used to be, before 1974. Now this guy wants all the money, is he
      going to look after all the children and other people who lost limbs
      because people like Savimbi had nothing better to do than plant bombs
      everywhere. Angola is an incredibly rich country, they used to export
      coffee, sugar, diamonds, etc. If Savimbi really put that much money away in
      Canada, yes, he probably did get it through arms smuggling or something
      like it. Being a native in the bush in Angola and fighting a guerilla war
      does/did not earn that much money.

      At 12:05 08/11/02 +0500, you wrote:
      >Please use this e-mail when replying
      >To: Kindly Contributor
      >Subject: Save My Family and Fortune
      > From Tao,
      >This letter may come to you as a surprise as we have not met, but it is a
      >serious matter. I am desperately in need of help.
      >I am Mr. Tao Sakaita, son of the late rebel leader Jonas Savimbi of Angola
      >who was killed on the 22nd of February 2002. I managed to get your contact
      >details through the Internet.
      >Time is of the essence and I am desperate.
      >My late father, Jonas Savimbi was able to deposit some funds in Canada
      >with a Security Company that he intended to make purchases with.
      >Our movement presently (including me) is restricted. We were released from
      >the restrictions of Angola and has thus relocated temporarily to Cameroon.
      >Right now the Government is trying to lay claim to some of his wealth by
      >saying it was gained through arms smuggling and by my father's extended
      >family and relations who want a share of his properties at any cost.
      > Most of his wealth remains hidden, to even me. I, being close to my
      > father, happen to be in possession of documents and information of some
      > of the wealth.
      >Presently, the US$ 87,000,000.00 (Eighty Seven Million United Stated
      >Dollars) cash my father transferred to Canada before his death for some
      >purchases he intended to make and it is now safe in a security firm. I
      >have the pass code and the documents to the security firm. This is where I
      >will need your help because at present I want to act fast before the
      >Angolan Government finds out.
      >Moreover, the political climate in Angola at the moment is so sensitive
      >and unstable. With this password and information and power of attorney you
      >will be able to proceed to the security firm. But you will also have to
      >give me a guarantee first. When you are ready, I will give you the
      >information needed before you can get access to the funds. You will then
      >proceed to the security company where the funds will be given to you as
      >payment either in installment or depending on the advice of the security
      >Yours sincerely,
      >TAO S. SAVIMBI.


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