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RE: "From the Geneasphere" article by Joan Miller

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  • Jim Benedict
    I read with interest the article, From the Geneasphere in today s Chinook, page 17. Joan Miller has a most useful write-up on the translating of material
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 19, 2011
      I read with interest the article, "From the Geneasphere" in today's Chinook,
      page 17. Joan Miller has a most useful write-up on the translating of
      material between languages, using Google Translate. I am corresponding
      these days with a third cousin in France, who does not know English and my
      French is barely high school level.

      Does it work? Yes, to a degree. Mostly, when you use the Google
      Translator, you get workable results. I would suggest a further step if you
      want to get better precision. First, I write up what I want in English.
      Then, I copy and paste the English text into the English --> French box in
      Google Translator. I then copy the resultant French translation and usually
      paste it somewhere. You then switch the translator to be French -->
      English. Now paste your new French version into the translator and see the
      English results. If it ends up sounding garbled, you still have a chance to
      fix it. Go back to your original English version and try some different
      words- just substitute, especially obscure words and tenses and also shorten
      the sentences if suitable. Then try again and see if you get closer.
      Google Translator is not perfect but it can be very practical.

      I use this technique to build a bilingual version of my Family Weber website
      and it is very readable. See

      My thanks to Joan Miller for explaining this most useful genealogy and
      website tool.

      Jim Benedict

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