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  • Robert Boynton
    If you are from Canada, Ancestry encourages you to use Ancestry.ca From: owner-dist-gen@afhs.ab.ca [mailto:owner-dist-gen@afhs.ab.ca] On Behalf Of Joan Miller
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      If you are from Canada, Ancestry encourages you to use Ancestry.ca


      From: owner-dist-gen@... [mailto:owner-dist-gen@...] On Behalf Of Joan Miller
      Sent: October-05-11 4:54 PM
      To: William Campbell
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      Subject: Re: ANCESTRY FREE OFFER


      Hi Bill,

      That isn't the case at all.  I just did a test and was able to access the records.  Today's offering is the 1920 US census.  You do need to give them a name and email address.



      On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 4:32 PM, William Campbell <wacampbell@...> wrote:

      Hi Folks:

      One of our members was kind enough to send us this message the other day.

      Ancestry.com is offering free access from Oct 1 to 15th.  Looks like they are offering different collections on each day.   This is a good opportunity to poke around and see what you can find.

      HOWEVER, and typical of 'Ancestry'  there's a trick to their free offer.
      It's only valid in the USA.  Frustrated?

      What do they say?  There's no 'free' lunch!



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