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Re: Query about "Topland" name

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  • Pat Townshend Alnes
    Dagfinn Topland Alberta................ You might try finding out if there are Norwegians or their offsprings( etterkommener) living in the area of Topland,
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 5, 2011
      Topland Alberta................
      You might try finding out if there are Norwegians or their offsprings( etterkommener) living in the area of Topland, Canada. If so  where in Norway they arrived from. . IF the name Topland has roots in Norway it doesn't mean that the surnames were Topland. Remember that some families had several surnames over the years due to where they lived, farms names, workplace names and their fathers first name with "Son" on the end of it.and even changed spelling sometimes again when arriving in the Canada.
      Also e-mail the archives in Kristiansand to see if they have an "Utvanders liste" in their records for the area Topland, Norway. Also Topland, Norway  might have a Bygdebok of families that resided there so you can find out if someone earlier in your father's family has left Norway for Canda as destination. If you don't have bygdebok yourself then the nearst library usually have them for their flyke.
      Keep helping your Dad as genealogy can lead one in many directions and interesting finds.
      Lykke til
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 9:51 PM
      Subject: Re: Query about "Topland" name

      Thanks all!

      My daddy, 82 just started using the internet and did a search on our last name. He basically found references in Norway, just like expected but also in Thailand and Canada. The Thai and Canadian responses were interesting and worth do a quick search on. Unfortunately, daddy do not speak English and leave communication to me. 

      Although Google translator do a excellent job translating I hope one day I can do you a favor if needed. As stated Norwegians read Danish easy, just like Swedish. Finns have a totally different language. 

      Best Regards
      Dagfinn Topland

      Stranna.no -Old pictures. 

      2011/10/5 Jim Benedict <jim.benedict@...>

      To Dawn Kirkpatrick and Dagfinn Topland:


      I checked with my fellow members at the Guild of One-Name Studies and have received three responses, so far.  Hope this gives you some direction.


      Jim Benedict

      Calgary, Alberta



      Guild of One-Name Studies: Guild member #4794

      Benedict Generations



      From Richard Globe:


      Jim, there are several reference books of names which I've listed (in Danish). I'm assuming Dagfinn Topland can read and speak Norwegian, and he should be able to understand Danish. The question is will he be able to access these books from a library in Canada, and I've no idea if the name he is searching is there.


      There is also a website that lists Norwegian surnames and although Topland isn't there, he might try getting in touch with the site's owner. http://www.norskenavn.no/kilder.php


      A quick look at https://www.familysearch.org/ list numerous Toplands outside Norway.


      Richard Globe

      Globe ONS



      Søndergaard, Georg

      Danske for- og efternavne : betydning, oprindelse, udbredelse / Georg Søndergaard. - 1. udgave. - [Rødovre] : Askholm, 2000. - 344 sider : ill.


      Håndbog over ca. 1000 af de almindeligste fornavne og ca. 10.000 efternavne. Med forklaringer på navnenes oprindelse eller betydning.

      Med litteraturhenvisninger.

      ISBN 87-90721-17-9 : ib. : kr. 288,00.


      Der er også en tidligere udgave fra 1984:



      Søndergaard, Georg

      Danske efternavne : betydning, oprindelse, udbredelse / [af] Georg Søndergaard. - [Kbh.] : Lademann, [1984]. - 144 sider : ill. ; 21 cm


      Beskrivelse af vor slægtsnavnetradition, efternavnets udvikling til slægtsnavn samt navneloven. Desuden en leksikondel over de 10.000 almindeligste slægtsnavne.

      ISBN 87-15-07722-5 : hf. : kr 62.50.


      From Bob:


      Hey Jim,


      The name Topland/Toppland does not appear in the "Dictionary of American Family Names", as it didn't occur frequently enough, nor in "A Dictionary of Surnames".


      However, TOPP, does:


      1. English: from the Old English byname Topp meaning 'tuft', 'crest', or the cognate Old Norse Toppr.

      2. German: from Low German topp 'point', 'tree top', hence a topographic name; or alternatively a metonymic occupational name or nickname from the same word in the sense 'braid'.

      3. German: variant Dopp.

      4. Jewish (Askenazic): variant spelling of Top


      Source: Dictionary of American Family Names by Patrick Hanks, Editor


      Not the answer, but this may help Dagfinn.


      From Dick Chandler:




      There doesn't seem to be any individual in the Canadian telephone directory named Topland.  I suspect that Dagfinn has contacted you because there is a place Topland near Fort Assiniboine, Alberta on the beautiful Athabasca River.  Someone in that community might know why it was so named.  Maybe the Topland Recreation Society on 708 584 2195 could help or put you in touch with someone.  I suspect it has more to do with "first class" or "high" land than a Norwegian settler's hometown, but you never know!


      Best wishes





      From: owner-dist-gen@... [mailto:owner-dist-gen@...] On Behalf Of Dawn-Ann Kirkpatrick
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      Subject: Query about "Topland" name


      Hi all. I got this email from a recent visitor to the AFHS site. Is there anyone out there that can help him?

      Please respond directly to the writer at


      Dawn Kirkpatrick, Webmaster
      Alberta Family Histories Society

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      From: Topland, Dagfinn <dtopland@...>
      Date: Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 6:03 AM
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      I get this message every time I try to access your pages on the net. 


      I would like to come in contact with someone who can explain where the name "Topland" used in your region originates from. Topland is a small farm in Norway,l around 50 km inland from Lillesand in South of Norway. We knew lots of Norwegians emigrated to the north west area long time ago but do not know any using the name Topland emigrated. If there is, we might be able to trace them down. 


      If the Topland name originates from Norway this is the only place in Norway having this name. In case there are a connection, here are some information. 


      The name is several hundred years old and there is a dispute between two explanations: Top of the land. Today's language would easy translate into this and the Danish language used back then bu the authorities also support that explanation. The top of a mountain of "on top of" is very clear in proper norvegian, Topp, double "P" in the end of the word. The other explaination is Two (to in Norwegian) plan (levels). The topography can easy support this explaination, so far none have been able to make a clear conclusion. 


      Today there are two small farms at Topland. at the lower one, north is my brother and father living. They have some few cattle, only to have some activity. On the other the owner moved away just some months ago. In addition there was a small farm between the two existing today, and we can still find the foundation from the one of top of the mountain, Toplandsheia. In addition there is a small place called "Solheim" that used to be populated by people who worked at the other farm. 


      Long back only one farm existed, the upper one. Between the two farms is a small grass field that once was used for growing potatoes. Around 100 yrs ago they found a sword from the viking age indicating the area was populated nearly 1000 yrs ago. 


      Best Regards

      Dagfinn Topland



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