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RE: Quebec birth

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  • Xenia Stanford
    She can contact PEI Archives either by email or postal address See http://www.archives.pe.ca/index.php3?number=1025351
    Message 1 of 2 , May 17, 2011

      She can contact PEI Archives either by email or postal address

      See http://www.archives.pe.ca/index.php3?number=1025351&lang=E

      I searched their online database but could not find a John Quin or Quinn with and without the middle name but there is nothing in their current online database. However, they could search the records for her as not all records are online.


      If she searches in the census records, the adoptive family was also indexed as Corley. The birth place and date on census records are not always correct. On the 1881 Census with the Corleys, his birthplace is given as a ditto mark along with the parents and their birth children.


      Where she assumes the name of the head of household on the 1871 is Given, it is actually Quinn – the handwriting of the surname of the father and the surname of John, the youngest member of the family, shown on the next page are identical. The surname of the others is given as John on the indexing because the name of the HOH is Quinn John (which the indexer put as first name Given). Thus these could be his birth family and he could have been taken in by the Curley or Corley family as a farm labourer or other worker and not been adopted by them – formally or informally. He may have felt he spent more time with the Corleys than his birth family and thus adopted their name. This happened frequently in that era for children of his age when a family felt they could no longer support a child when he or she reached 10 or older.


      I would go with the birth record for John Quinn in Ontario in 1870 or keep an open mind about when and where he was born. The mother’s name is different on the 1870 birth, so this may not be the right family. However, my suggestion is to keep looking with a view that the birth year and date could be somewhat different (year or two) from that given on the census.


      Xenia Stanford


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      Hi Everyone, 

      I received the following query for AFHS.  My suggestion of the Drouin site did not yield an answer.  If you have any suggestions, please email Leslie Daniar  at    lesdaniar@...


       I am corresponding from Ontario and I came across your web site while researching my great grandfather's heritage.


      He was adopted (on 1881 census PEI) by Patrick Curley.  His name was John francis quin.  He later changed his name to Curley and immigrated to the USA.  Could find no record of his birth in PEI although this census states he was born in Fort Augustus PEI.

      I have found a link to a John  Quin 2 years old (his birth was 1869) living with a JOhn Given family according to 1871 Census from Vaudreuil Quebec.  Do you have any suggestions as how to access his official brith and possibly birth parents.  I am assuming he was just living with this family.


      I appreciate you reading this email and if you have any ideas as to where I could search it would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks for your help.



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