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Fwd: FamilySearch Forums Update: User Name Changes

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  • Joan Miller
    Hi all, You may be interested in this notice from Family Search. --Joan Miller ... From: Family Search Support Date:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2011
      Hi all,
      You may be interested in this notice from Family Search.
      --Joan Miller

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      From: Family Search Support <FamilySearchSupport@...>
      Date: Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 1:51 PM
      Subject: FamilySearch Forums Update: User Name Changes
      To: Family History Consultant <FHConsultant@...>

      We are excited to announce that beginning on April 11th, you will be able to log in to the FamilySearch Forums with your FamilySearch or LDS Account, a single account that gives you access to all of the FamilySearch websites. This is the last FamilySearch website in English to switch to the new user account system, so with this change, all of your English FamilySearch websites and programs are accessible with this single user name and password. When the change is made, the forums will be “read-only” (meaning you will be able to read forum posts but not respond to them or create new ones) for about an hour, starting at approximately 10 p.m.  Mountain Daylight Time. (Watch the Forums for possible changes to this time.)


      Capturing Your Forum History


      It is important to note that when you first sign in to the Forums with your FamilySearch or LDS Account after this change, the Forums will show you as a “brand new” Forum member with zero posts. If you would like for all of your previous posts and user information to be connected to your FamilySearch or LDS Account user name, you will need to "merge" your old account into your new account. You will have until May 11th to do this.


      To merge your accounts and capture your posting history, you will need to follow a few steps:


      1.       Before April 10th, write down your CURRENT forum user name and password.
      If you can’t remember your forum log-in information:

                                                   i.Go to http://forums.familysearch.org.

                                                 ii.Log out (if it shows you as being logged in in the upper right corner).

                                                iii.Attempt to log in.

                                               iv.If you log in with the wrong information, follow the steps to retrieve your user name, or reset your password


      2.       When you see the changes on April 11th (it will be obvious because the forums will have a new look), you may log in with either your “old” Forums user name, or your FamilySearch or LDS Account.

      3.       The system will detect which one you are using and walk you through the steps of what to do at that point to merge the accounts together.

      Note: If you do not yet have a FamilySearch or LDS Account, or don’t remember the user name or password of that account, the website will walk you through how to retrieve that information.


      Once you have merged the two accounts, you will see that:


      ·         Your old posts will still show under your old user name, but clicking on your user name will take you to your new user page.

      ·         You will have to enter the user name and password each time you come to the site; the Forums will no longer save your user name and password and keep you logged in.  This is for security purposes and can’t be changed.


      Forums New Look


      Additionally, the look of the Forums will be changing to match the FamilySearch.org website. Click here to see what the forums will look like after these changes.


      If you have any problems, there will be prompts on the website to help you know what to do. If those don't help, visit the FamilySearch Help Forum, or call FamilySearch at 1-866-406-1830.


      Thank you for your contributions and involvement in this work.






      Note: You are receiving this e-mail because you are a registered user of the FamilySearch Wiki or Forums, or you are in a family history leadership position.

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