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RE: Lane's Studio

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  • Judith Rempel
    Thanks, G. It just means that we re free to keep the lovely little guillotine and a photo from times ago. Judith (Judii) Rempel rempel@shaw.ca Family History:
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      Thanks, G.  It just means that we’re free to keep the lovely little guillotine and a photo from times ago.


      Judith (Judii) Rempel


      Family History: www.rempelfamily.ca


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      The last owner of Lane's Studio is an acquaintance of mine whom I spoke with a few weeks ago.  He operated the company for almost 20 years, but is retiring to become a snowbird and travel in warmer climes.  As of May, 2010, Lane's Studio no longer exists - the company was wound up and the phone number is no longer in service.  Unfortunately, none of their photos was ever dated - everything was apparently filed by name - and he no longer has any files pertaining to their clients.


      On 30/05/2010 11:07 PM, Xenia Stanford wrote:

      Lanes Studio has been in Calgary since the late 1800s. The style of dropped waist plus her hat style and decoration put it as 1920s. Just reading the book “Forensic Genealogy” by Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick. She says to be wary of clothing styles because people later can assume a vintage look or it could be just a costume for a play or some other not real wedding. You know the photographers who do vintage photos – they have the clothes.


      Anyway, if real and if it was the style when taken, it is definitely 20s. Not that I lived then but I have been studying wedding styles from different periods and different countries.




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      Thanks for the comments, Frieda and others. 


      Callie, I had checked before I posted and Lane’s Studio doesn’t seem to exist anymore;  while a website shows a ph number of them, a check of the online Telus directory does NOT show them, and the reverse directory indicates the phone number is not in use.  I do think it’s very cool that Gord can remember having photographs taken at the Studio and that he remembers the Lane family members as neighbours.


      I was leaning to “earlier” than 1940s too (esp because of that dropped waist on her dress) ... but since I was born in the 1950s, I’m less personally-aware of the fashion shifts.  And, because of my own background, I know that some groups will deliberately NOT dress in the current fashions.  The hat and veil struck me as having a culturally-specific aspect – perhaps eastern European, Spanish or Italian?  I’ll work on the assumption of late 1920s/early 1930s now.  Thanks, Lesley and Frieda.


      Joan, it is now possible that the folks who owned this house previously can be named - Grant just came up with the surname “Hawthorn”. 


      If I get a good “hit” of an idea or find a home for it ... I’ll let you folks know.


      PS I just did a search at the Glenbow photo collection online and found a lot of hits for Lane’s Studio – and they seem to have had several locations:  Calgary, High River, Medicine Hat...  There are 3 wedding photos by them in the collection, dated 1930 (2) and 1937 (1).


      George Hamilton and Teena Epp, Metis, Calgary

      M/M John William Mundell, Okotoks


      Helen/Tony Kalbhen, Rockyford, AB


      They often have to estimate the age of photos. I’ve also been scrolling through the wedding “hits” generally, and very few are of women with knee-length white dresses.  But see some similar ones: 

      note the bowtie, but she’s wearing long gloves.  She is wearing a fussy “hat” though.   MM Thomas Riddock, Fort Churchill, MB, ca 1912

      seated/fussy “hat” (can I callit that?) – but the seated man has a similar haircut... It’s dated ca. 1912 (Frances/Clarence Eschwig of Fernie)

      MM Switzer - 1928 – bouquet has similar features.  I think the shoes are founded, but he’s wearing a completely different bowtie

      Hadon, Edmonton, 1929



      There is also an archival description for the Lane’s Studio Fonds at the Glenbow:

      Title: Lane's Studio fonds

      Date(s): 1930-1942

      Physical Description: 183 photographs

      History: Ray Christie Lane, 1889-1943, was born in Campbellford, Ontario and came to Calgary with his parents in 1903. He studied photography with E.B. Curlette of Calgary and moved to High River, Alberta in 1911 to establish his own photography studio. During First World War he served in the armed forces as an instructor in photography. He went back to operating his studio which by 1920 was called Lane's Studio. Besides his studio work Ray also held photo contracts with oil companies and southern Alberta air schools. He married Lottie Bartlett from Campbellford in 1920 and they had two children, Peggy and Dick. After his death the studio was acquired by Gil Garon.

      Scope and Content: The fonds consists of photographs of Turner Valley oil fields (1930s), High River businesses (1930s-1942) and the flood of 1942, and ranching and farming in the High River area (1930s). Includes photographs of Stoneys.

      Source of Acquisition: Gift and purchased from Lane's Studio, 1958.

      Language: The material is in English.

      Originals and Reproductions: Reference prints from the original negatives are also available.

      Restrictions: No restrictions on access.

      Finding Aids: No finding aid.

      Related: Further Lane's Studio records are held by the Museum of the Highwood, and T. Dawson Photo/Graphics in High River.

      Call Numbers: (M=manuscript; N&P=photos; R=sound recordings; S=slides; F=films)
      NA 67, NB 20, ND 11


      Oh – and lastly .... I’ve been placing “photos for identification” onto our own Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta website for a few years.  If you’d like to see them, go to: http://www.mennonitehistory.org/projects/photos/



      Judith (Judii) Rempel



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      To: Judith Rempel
      Subject: Re: Lane's Studio


      Hi Judith - I would disagree with you about the ballet slippers. I think if you could see the left foot in total there would be a heal on the shoe. This is somewhat similar in style to my mom and dad's wedding picture - they married in 1928 - hairstyles of the women are very similar. It is a beautiful picture - surely someone will want to claim it.

      Freda Stewart

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      Subject: Lane's Studio


      We’ve just discovered a wedding photograph in the basement wall of our Ranchlands home.  It isn’t in great shape and is reasonably old.  It will look great in  our “heritage collection” until we can find a home for it.  That’s where you folks come in.


      ·         The only imprinting is that it was prepared by Lane’s Studio, Calgary, Alberta. 

      ·         The women is petite, has curly hair (bangs and blunt to her cheekbones) and is holding a bunch of trumpet-like lilies. She’s wearing a knee-length white dress and what look like ballet-like slippers. 

      ·         He’s seated – I suspect he’s much taller than she.  He’s wearing a dark suit, dark bow tie, white handkerchief in his pocket.  The lapel is wide.  I think it has three buttons, but the cuffs are 2-button. His shirt /cuffs and shoes are not visible. His hair is combed back off a large forehead and cut high above the ears.


      Yeah, yeah – I can hear you.... Just SHOW us you’re saying.  Okay – take a boo at the jpg and let me know what you think.

      ·         Do you know anything about Lane’s Studios?

      ·         Can you date this photo (I’d guess late 40s, but the drop waist on her dress might make it earlier.

      ·         Now – look for yourself: http://www.rempelfamily.ca/images/wedding_photo.jpg



      Oh yes, and next to it was a No. 2 Kodak Trimming Board!  There’s one for sale on e-bay now (http://i.ebayimg.com/01/!Btcn7)gBGk~$(KGrHqUH-EEEvrZfMZ(ZBL8C8(diI!~~_12.JPG).  That will go well with Grant’s collection of vintage cameras. 


      P.S. doing new research on the following surnames in case anyone else has these high on their list:

      * JAYWOOD, WINDER, COUSINS, CLINE, NIXON, ERVIN, ROCK (geographical connections to Winnipeg, Rivers and Brandon, MB; Halifax; Lancaster/Manchester, England, though ”Rock” is said to be Huguenot) – most were everyday labourers – rarely farmers

      * MOBERLY (St. Petersburg, Russia; London, England; Simcoe, ON; Prince Albert, SK; Fort MacMurray/Jasper), TAIT (Scotland, Red River Settlement; Prince Albert, SK) , FOULDS, FIDLER,  etc. – almost all were adventurers working for Hudson’s Bay, the Royal (British) Navy, intermarried with British nobility (esp those in Russia)


      Judith (Judii) Rempel


      Family History: www.rempelfamily.ca


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