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  • Xenia Stanford
    Hi Bill, I found parish records in the county archives. The families I am researching all came to Canada in or before 1847, so the baptism and marriages for
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      Hi Bill,


      I found parish records in the county archives. The families I am researching all came to Canada in or before 1847, so the baptism and marriages for 1797-1837 that  I found were in the county archives. Sometimes the archbishop‘s county ended up in the archives. I have no idea what happened to the parish copy. Where do you suggest looking for those because I don’t think the parish church keeps records that far back, but I have no idea where any copies are besides in the county archives.




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      Hi Folks:


      Just to add to Xenia's well -stated information, if you are researching Ireland prior to mid 1800s the county archives may not hold the information you need. It may be necessary to see church parish records. That may be a bit of a challenge because not all clergy or parish boards/councils are interested in helping you. The local genealogist/helper may be a very valuable resource.


      Have fun!



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      > Hi Nancy,
      > In the last ten years (not sure exact year)  I hired a
      > fellow in Cork to do
      > some research. The way I found him was from the County Cork
      > Archives. They
      > had a list of recommended certified genealogists who were in the
      > vicinityand thus had access to the archives. He didn't cost much
      > but he didn't find
      > much either because the Kerry ancestor lied and said he was born
      > in Cork
      > City. I found out later that said ancestor was born in Trien,
      > County Kerry.
      > We hired a British researcher for this ancestor's military
      > records, some of
      > which she found. Others I found on my own. So I would say do
      > your research
      > first and be sure you are hiring from the right county. Then go
      > to the
      > county archives and get their list of recommended genealogists.
      > Tell the
      > person you hire exactly what you have found so they do not
      > retrace your
      > steps or go off on the wrong tangent. As a researcher, I have
      > had clients
      > give me minimal information and then tell me when I found
      > something that
      > they already had that information or document. Well, sorry, I
      > asked you for
      > everything and you didn't give it to me, so you still have to
      > pay me for the
      > work. I recommend you make a complete list of what you already
      > have, then
      > send the list and details (and documents,  if necessary) to
      > the genealogist
      > before he/she starts the work.
      > So when you say a researcher in Ireland, I'd suggest looking for
      > one in the
      > actual county. You could hire one in Dublin for all Irish
      > research, but
      > their records are incomplete. I found records in the actual
      > county, after
      > relatives hired a researcher in Dublin who told them those
      > records were
      > burned. This was the same Kerry ancestor, but they had asked the
      > Dublinresearcher for Cork records. Burned or not, those records
      > would not have had
      > the information. I have had other people tell me the records
      > from Dublin
      > were burned, only to find the county archives had copies.
      > Most Anglican and Catholic records were under the duplicate copy
      > rule - one
      > copy stays in the parish and one goes to the archbishop. Often
      > those records
      > found their way into the county archives, but not into the
      > National. I am
      > not saying try only one or the other, but I recommend you start
      > in the
      > county.
      > Xenia
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      > Subject: Irish researcher
      > Has anyone hired a researcher in Ireland and could recommend
      > someone? A
      > friend of mine asked me. I know some of the members have so
      > thought I'd ask
      > for recommendations. Thank you.
      > Nancy Carson

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