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Petition: Keep the Canadian Census Long Form; Gardons le formulaire long du recensement canadien

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  • Joan Miller
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      Keep the Canadian Census Long Form; Gardons le formulaire long du recensement canadien
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      Published by Marianne Levitsky on Jul 03, 2010
      Region: Canada
      Target: Government of Canada
      Background (Preamble):
      The Harper government is moving to eliminate the Canada census long form questionnaire and replace it with a voluntary survey. The long form was sent to 20% of households and is a critical source of information about diversity, employment, income, education and other characteristics of Canadians. It is essential to business, research, planning and good public policies and programs. Stakeholders ranging from the business community, to university researchers to social justice advocates are raising their voices to oppose this move.

      Le gouvernement Harper entend supprimer le questionnaire long du prochain recensement et le remplacer par une enquête à participation volontaire. Le questionnaire long est une source d’information inestimable pour les affaires, la recherche et l’évaluation des programmes et des politiques.
      We call on the Canadian government to reverse its decision to eliminate the mandatory long form Canada census questionnaire. The information collected through this form is critical to understanding the character and diversity of Canada. The long form questionnaire is an essential tool to enable business and social planning, research, and development of programs for the well-being of Canadians.

      Nous demandons au gouvernement canadien de reconsidérer sa décision d'éliminer le questionnaire long obligatoire du recensement de Statistique Canada. L'information réunie par ce questionnaire est indispensable à la compréhension du caractère spécifique du Canada et de sa diversité. Le questionnaire long est un outil essentiel dans les domaines des affaires, de la planification sociale, de la recherche et du développement de programmes pour le bien-être des Canadiens.

      The Keep the Canadian Census Long Form; Gardons le formulaire long du recensement canadien petition to Government of Canada was written by Marianne Levitsky and is hosted free of charge at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: canada, census, long form, questionnaire, social planning, research

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