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Fw: Petitions for early release of UK & Irish census info

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  • Ann Williams
    From: FFHS Member Society contacts list Sent: Saturday, July 17, 2010 9:46 AM To: ffhs-members@ffhs-lists.org.uk Subject: FFHS-MEMBERS Two petitions for early
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      Sent: Saturday, July 17, 2010 9:46 AM
      Subject: FFHS-MEMBERS Two petitions for early release of census information.

      1921 Census, England and Wales

      Guy Etchells, who campaigned for the early release of the 1911 census, is now calling for the early release of the 1921 census. 


      You can read more about this at http://yourfreedom.hmg.gov.uk/restoring-civil-liberties/allow-access-to-the-1921-census-now



      1926 Census, Ireland

      Those with Irish ancestors may be interested to know of a petition for the early release of the 1926 Census in Ireland.


      The Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations (CIGO) states in its petition “Catastrophic destruction befell Irish sources for genealogy and history when the Public Record Office of Ireland was consumed by fire in June 1922. The 1926 census was the first compiled since the foundation of the State and includes a few basic facts about the lives of the many Irish people then living who were born before civil registration began in Ireland in 1864. Over 82 years have passed since the 1926 census was first compiled and given this almost every adult alive at that time is now deceased.”


      Further details can be seen at www.cigo.ie/


      Roger Lewry

      FFHS Archives Liaison



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