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RE: Descendant Tree

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  • Judith Rempel
    Thanks for this, Charlie. I m still playing around with the ideas. Once I get something to work to my satisfaction, I ll post something about my experience
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 17, 2010
      Thanks for this, Charlie. I'm still playing around with the ideas. Once I
      get something to work to my satisfaction, I'll post something about my
      experience and point to an online portrayal of the result.

      Both you and Suddie had good suggestions

      Judith (Judii) Rempel
      Family History: www.rempelfamily.ca

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      It is possible to create a custom descendancy chart with Legacy, although
      it's a
      cumbersome workaround.

      1) Use the tagging facility to tag the individuals you wish to include.

      2) Export the tagged individuals (with or without spouses) to a new Legacy
      Gedcom) file.

      3) Go to the new file and view and/or print your edited descendancy chart.

      It may be also possible to use the Gramps program to create a custom chart
      do what you want, although I have not tried it.


      On 21 Jun 2010 Judith wrote:

      > I'm wondering if anyone knows of a utility to generate a simplified
      > descendancy chart. What I'm looking for will cleanly identify an
      > individual's descendants directly down to a specific person 4 or 5
      > generations below. Most charts exhaustively show all children and their
      > descendants in each generation. I'd like it to focus on my selected
      > of interest in each generation and only show the siblings in barest terms
      > d dates/places and the surname they married perhaps).
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