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Canada's Jews Howl Over Less Invasive Census Forms

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  • Xenia Stanford
    See for Canada s Jews Howl Over Less Invasive Census Forms Also in one of the responses to the posting about
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2010

      for Canada's Jews Howl Over Less Invasive Census Forms

      Also in one of the responses to the posting about the above topic someone
      added a news story - "In a sharply worded editorial, the Canadian Medical
      Association Journal accuses the Tories of putting ideology ahead of
      “evidence-based decision making” and charges the government is taking an
      “uninformed approach to public policy.”

      Further down you will see opinions from the other side of the fence. I am
      glad to see the religious (at least some) and medical community are
      protesting the loss of the census. I agree that the lack of informed
      decision-making just doesn't make sense.


      Then at


      Commissioner Launches Investigation into Decision to Eliminate Long-Form
      Questionnaire for 2011 Census

      Posted July 14, 2010

      Article source Settlement.Org

      From a Settlement.org web site:

      The Commissioner of Official Languages has launched an investigation into
      the Government of Canada's decision to eliminate the long-form questionnaire
      from the 2011 census.

      The Commissioner is concerned about the possible impact this decision could
      have on the vitality of official language communities and on the application
      of the Official Languages Act.

      According to the Commissioner, "When it comes to making decisions on
      offering services in both official languages and to evaluating the size of
      official language communities, information about people's mother tongue,
      language spoken in the home and knowledge of both official languages are all
      used," said Mr. Fraser. "The short-form questionnaire asks only about mother
      tongue, which would see some people, especially newcomers, effectively
      counted out."


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