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  • william campbell
    Hi Folks: For those of you who read the article Discovering Your Roots by Lesley Anderson in the Dec 28 edition of the Herald (Page C 14) I m sure you will
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2009
      Hi Folks:

      For those of you who read the article  'Discovering Your Roots' by Lesley Anderson in the Dec 28 edition of the Herald (Page C 14) I'm sure you will be upset with how it mislead and gave no credence to any of the genealogy organizations in Alberta. The following piece was submitted today to the Herald Editor and hopefully will appear on the Editorial page.
      You are encouraged to also write to the Editor to express your displeasure with the Herald's lack of credibility.
      An email can be addressed to    Letters@...
      Re:'Discovering Your Roots' - Lesley Anderson Dec 28

      Ms. Anderson's suggestion that families can benefit from exchanging and recording family information when they meet on holiday occasions has commendable merit. However, it should have reached readers before the Christmas festivities, not after. Sadly, her article is grossly misleading in leaving readers with the misunderstanding that they can just plug in the internet and find their ancestors and their stories. As a genealogist involved with one of this country's leading genealogy institutions she knows much better than that. Internet research is both highly complex and often inaccurate - caveat emptor!

      Had the Editor thought to check with local genealogy authorities, Ms. Anderson's information could have served readers much more effectively. It could have pointed out the enormous genealogy resources that are available in Calgary - including the Calgary Public Library – Humanities Dept., the LDS Family History Centre, the Glenbow Archives and of course our Alberta Family Histories Society and its library, just to name the most prominent ones.  What a disappointment!     The Herald clearly missed the boat.

      Our Society is the pre-eminent independent Calgary volunteer-based genealogy organization and would welcome the opportunity to help all those who are sincerely trying to research and write a history of their families. Call 403-214-1447 or visit www.afhs.ab.ca

      Bill Campbell

      Alberta Family Histories Society

      Public Relations

      "People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors."   - Edmund Burke
      CALGARY, Alberta, CANADA
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