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Eastern European Special Event on Saturday

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Hi Everyone, I made up a schedule for Saturday’s event so you would see the specifics of the talks and speakers. If you have east European roots, don’t
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2009

      Hi Everyone,


      I made up a schedule for Saturday’s event so you would see the specifics of the talks and speakers. If you have east European roots, don’t miss out on this very valuable day.



      Presents a FamilyRoots Seminar

      Eastern European Special Event

      Saturday October 24, 2009


      9:30 a.m. Doors Open & Registration Begins


      10:00 a.m. Jerry Frank: In Search of Mokro Niemieckie
      Using maps for genealogy, both as research tools and to enhance your family stories.

      11:00 a.m. Radomir Bilash: Examining Pioneer Experiences through Census and Homestead Records

      Unbeknownst to some aspiring genealogists, many archival documents contain a wealth of family history information. This presentation will examine how historical resources can be used not only to enhance a family’s understanding of their ancestors’ immigration and settlement experiences in Canada, but how the recorded information may be used in identifying and extracting family history information contained within Ukraine’s archives. Particular attention will be given to:

      ·         Homestead applications: what they tell you about your family’s early settlement experience, and

      ·         Census records: what ethnographic information can be extracted from a census page?


      12:00 Lunch Break: Bring a Bag Lunch and Compare Notes - maybe you'll find an ancestor in common!  


      1:00 p.m. David Makowsky: Developing a Methodology to Document Community History

      This research-in-progress presentation will examine the latest developments of the Documenting Church Properties in Rural Communities in Alberta initiative. This initiative aims to systematically record and photograph church properties in rural communities in Alberta in order to preserve community and individual family histories contained within these properties. The outcome of the fieldwork is to create an online collection of photographs and historical information that will assist families in Alberta and in Ukraine who have an interest to learn about their ancestor’s immigration and settlement history. This presentation will examine how the methodologies of this initiative were developed to hold universal applications, and therefore be used to document rural parishes of various ethnic and religious backgrounds across the prairies.


      2:00 p.m. Jerry Frank: My Favourite Internet Research Opportunities
      Overview of my favourite web sites, many focused on German research in Eastern Europe. Also how to improve your search results using search engines. 

      Speakers’ Profiles



      Jerry Frank is an amateur genealogist specializing, since 1986, in the research of Germans who migrated to or through Russian Poland and Volhynia (north-western Ukraine). He has written three family books, Frank Migrations (about his paternal family), From Nagold to Thalberg (his maternal line), and Ask the Former Generations (a compilation of the previous two). Jerry is also an amateur cartographer, having created two maps: one of German settlements in Russian Poland showing over 4000 Germanic villages and the other for Volhynia with over 1400 Germanic villages. Both represent the most current and comprehensive resources available and were the first ever to be fully indexed. They bring together the independent works of several historical map makers into a single resource and then add the most up to date listings of villages from such sources as the St. Petersburg Consistory records and other SGGEE (Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe) extractions. Jerry has spoken at a variety of conferences including FEEFHS (Federation of East European Family History Societies), SGGEE (Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe), AHSGR (American Historical Society of Germans from Russia - Calgary and Edmonton Chapters and International Convention), and at the Medicine Hat Germans from Russia Festival. He lives in Calgary, Alberta and is currently active as webmaster for SGGEE - http://www.sggee.org


      Radomir Bilash has been associated with the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village near Edmonton since 1977. At the present time he heads the Research Programme for the Village and is also an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Alberta, teaching through the Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Department. His research has concentrated on the ethnohistory of early Ukrainian settlements in Canada and their pre-emigration life in Galicia and Bukovyna. He has been Project Manager of the Alberta-Ukraine Genealogical Project since 2006.



      David Makowsky is currently the Alberta office coordinator for the Alberta Ukraine Genealogical Project, a project established in 2006 to assist Albertans in researching their family history in Alberta and in Ukraine.  Since 1999, David has been associated with the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village and its Research Programme, the last five years focused in documenting and analyzing rural community and family history in east central Alberta.  Since 2005, David’s research topics have been presented as “research in progress” at the annual conferences of the Canadian Association of Slavists and the Canadian Association of Ukrainian Ethnology.  David graduated from the University of Alberta, with a major in political science and a minor in Ukrainian language and literature.  He has also attained a Masters Certificate in Project Management from York University’s Schulich School of Business, with an emphasis towards heritage related projects.




      Xenia Stanford

      Editor, Chinook, 2008 Winner of the National Genealogical Society Local Newsletter Award

      Email; editor-chinook@...

      SIGS Contact: Ukrainian, Métis

      Phone: 295-3490; Fax: 274-0564

      Alberta Family Histories Society



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