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FW: MORE TIME-10th Anniversary

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  • Xenia Stanford
    FYI - the offer for 10% off the courses has been extended to October 21 - tomorrow. Xenia Stanford Editor, Chinook, 2008 Winner of the National Genealogical
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2009
      FYI - the offer for 10% off the courses has been extended to October 21 -

      Xenia Stanford
      Editor, Chinook, 2008 Winner of the National Genealogical Society Local
      Newsletter Award
      Email; editor-chinook@...
      SIGS Contact: Ukrainian, M├ętis
      Phone: 295-3490; Fax: 274-0564
      Alberta Family Histories Society

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      Subject: MORE TIME-10th Anniversary

      Hello Xenia,

      A very large number of phone calls and e-mails have been received requesting
      information regarding the '10% discount' for registration fees in
      celebration of our 10th Anniversary of providing Genealogy Education Online.
      This was announced on October 4 and was to end tonight, October 14th. We are
      extending the registration fee discount of 10% until end of day on
      Wednesday(October 21) to enable us to complete all requests, to speak with
      those who could not reach us during the holiday weekend, or any other
      situation. Again, if you wish, you may call us toll free at 1-800-580-0165,
      or send an e-mail to: admin@....

      Below, you will find a copy of the e-mail sent out last week... If you have
      any questions, do not hesitate to contact us...

      Louise St Denis
      National Institute for Genealogical Studies


      Today, Sunday October 4th we are celebrating! It's our 10th anniversary...
      10 years ago today on Monday, October 4th, 1999 we started our first online
      course, 'Methodology-Part 1: Getting Started', for the first time. Tomorrow,
      it will start for the 121st time! WOW! How time flies...

      We now offer approximately 150 online courses prepared by over 50
      instructors. Over 50,000 registrations have been received from all over the

      We would like to thank all our Program Directors, our Instructors and our
      Consultants for preparing such valuable and informative educational
      materials; thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

      Thank you to our staff and volunteers, both present and past. Many from 10
      years ago are still with us! Your hard work and your commitment has made our
      course delivery systems and our student support services the best they could

      Thank you to the University of Toronto, Faculty of Information, Professional
      Learning Centre who, years ago, had the confidence to partner with us in
      providing this program. For its second decade, our program has now moved to
      a a different faculty within the U of T: our affiliation is now with the
      Continuing Education department of the University of St. Michael's College
      in the University of Toronto.

      And finally, thanks to all our students and our supporters --- you have made
      all the hard work worthwhile. You have been there through the good times and
      through the growing pains (terrible spam and e-mail problems is the first
      that comes to mind!). Meeting you in person at conferences and at
      graduations has been terrific. Your commitment to your studies has always
      given us the encouragement and the confidence to continue finding new topics
      to offer...


      All registrations received from today, October 4th for 10 days through
      October 14th will receive 10% off. This includes all packages of courses as
      well as single courses. Remember, for all registrations, single courses or
      packages, you choose the date you will start the course(s).

      To received this 10% discount, process your registration online at
      www.genealogicalstudies.com for the regular registration fee. You will
      receive a receipt from MiraPay for your payment. Please forward the e-mail
      to us requesting your 10% discount (admin@...). We will
      refund your credit card for the 10%.

      If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail or prefer to register by
      telephone, please call us toll free at 1-800-580-0165.

      If you were considering completing your Certificate program, this would be a
      great time to call our office to see what would be the most economical
      combination of packages to achieve your objectives. For those who are
      finding their financial situation a little tight these days, speak to us
      about our 'No Interest, No Service Charge', payment plan.


      Throughout the year, we will have numerous promotions for products and

      DRAW OCTOBER 31 for a free course (for past or current students):
      From all e-mails received. Let us know how the courses have helped you in
      your research. Your comments will be added to our 10th Anniversary Memories

      DRAW OCTOBER 31 for a free course (for someone who has not taken a course):
      From all e-mails received. Let us know how you believe our program has
      helped provide genealogy education OR let us know which course you believe
      would be the most useful for you in your research and why.

      MONTHLY DRAWS for a package of 6 courses (Value $500)
      From all registrations received each month a lucky winner will received a
      package of 6 courses. If you register a package of courses, your name will
      be entered in the draw for each course in that package (a package of 9
      courses gives you 9 chances to win).

      OCTOBER 4, 2010 DRAW for a Certificate package of 40 course (value
      approximate $4,000)
      From all registrations received from October 4, 2009 to October 4, 2010. If
      during this period you register a package of courses, your name will be
      entered in the draw for each course in that package. If you have registered
      more than 10 courses during this period, you will receive the cash value
      towards previously registered courses.

      Are you a member of a society? Work or volunteer in a library? Write an
      article for your Society or Library's newsletter about the National
      Institute for Genealogical Studies (or ask us to provide the article!). Send
      the published newsletter to us at The National Institute, 92 Ashbury Blvd,
      Ajax Ontario L1Z 1N1. We will send your Society or Library a Gift
      Certificate for a package of 6 courses (Value $500) to use as they wish. We
      would suggest it be used as a fund raiser --- sell tickets for draw
      overlapping several monthly meetings or events and hold the draw at a
      special function!

      Offer to give a 45 minutes to an hour presentation for your Society members
      or Library patrons. We will even provide the PowerPoint presentation. Each
      attendee will receive a free Methodology-Part 1: Getting Started course!


      As indicated earlier, we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary throughout
      this year. We will also have special promotions on other products. To start
      this off, we have packaged 3 products that genealogists should carry with
      them to properly cite their sources:

      From now to October 14th we are packaging three items together for $25.95US
      or $29.95Cnd (a savings of 20% if purchased individually):
      Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian
      QuickSheet: Citing Online Historical Resources
      QuickSheet: Citing Ancestry.com Databases & Images
      all by Elizabeth Shown Mills


      Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace for
      $39.95US or $45.95Cnd (also a savings of 20%).

      These four items are excellent tools to ensure you are citing all your
      sources properly

      To order these items, go to our store (www.genealogystore.com), under the
      menu Other Products, click on INSTITUTE MATERIALS, click on ELECTIVE
      COURSES, click on SUPPLIES: OPTIONAL. Next choose the appropriate product
      above and complete the order. If you have any difficulties call us, toll
      free, at 1-800-580-0165.



      Thank you to all those who have responded to our request of interest in our
      guided research trips. We will shortly be letting you know the schedule for
      next year's Research Academies. If someone has not responded yet, here is
      the message sent out earlier. You still have time to have your voice heard.

      In the last several years, we have had Research Academy Programs in various
      cities. To ensure quality time with our instructor(s) during the Research
      Academy, a small group of individuals is required, therefore space is
      limited. We are planning our activities for the for 2010. If you are
      interested in joining our instructors on a guided research trip, please let
      us know where you would like to go. This could be to Salt Lake City,
      Washington, Ottawa, Toronto, Fort Wayne or any other city where important
      repositories are found, or it could be to another country such as Ireland,
      England, Germany, etc. Simply send us an e-mail to
      admin@... to let us know where you would like a guided
      research program. If we have a sufficient number of students, your
      suggestion may find itself on the schedule! (No obligations naturally on
      your part.)



      Many new courses are planned to start in 2009/2010. We are concentrating on
      very specialized courses to help you with the Analysis and SkillBuilding
      aspects of your research. Look for announcements as we get closer to
      offering these courses.

      If you have an interest in a topic we do not offer, please let us know. If
      you are an instructor with a specific area of expertise we do not covered,
      please contact us. Our toll free number is 1-800-580-0165.


      Louise St Denis
      The National Institute for Genealogical Studies
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