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Re: Maybe a good spam program?

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  • Mary Arthur
    Two Reviews of Mailwasher: the following is from Dave Hunter s PEI newsletter (The Island Register) ... http://www.afhs.ab.ca http://www.family-roots.ca
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 18, 2002
      Two Reviews of Mailwasher:

      the following is from Dave Hunter's PEI newsletter (The Island Register)

      > Spam Busting!
      > Have you ever wished that you could not only cut down on the amount of
      > spam (junk email) emails that you have to download, but also send the
      > spam's senders a delivery failure notice telling them that your
      > address is no longer good? This should result in your deletion from
      > the list without an acknowledgment that your address works.
      > Well, I may have the product for you. I have been testing MailWasher
      > v1.33 and the new Beta version v.2.08b this week upon the
      > recommendation of Beth Macdonald. MailWasher is a shareware product by
      > Nick Bolton from New Zealand. What it is, is a program which
      > pre-processes your email to identify and remove spam without the
      > necessity of downloading it. While some anti-spam programs are too
      > aggressive and might identify and delete messages (such as this
      > newsletter) automatically as spam, MailWasher only makes
      > recommendations, but YOU and only you have the final decision over
      > what gets removed and can identify messages such as this newsletter as
      > friends so it will not identify it as spam again.
      > Mailwasher operates with any POP-3 email client - I am using it with
      > David Harris's Pegasus Mail, another excellent product from New
      > Zealand, but it will work with just about any POP-3 email client and
      > now also with the new Beta product includes support for HotMail web
      > based email. How does it do this? It runs prior to your email program
      > preprocessing the mail you will download through your normal email
      > program. Sure, this may seem as though it would take more time, but
      > not really, as you will save so much download time on the junk
      > messages which you won't end up having to download. It will not only
      > detect spam, but will also allow you to reject SOME viruses without
      > even downloading them to your system. It will, however, not eliminate
      > the necessity of running email virus scans, but can reject some
      > viruses right on the server.
      > It does this by first downloading the headers only of messages which
      > are in your mailbox on the server. These messages are checked through
      > its blacklist and friends list, and through the lists of commercial
      > blacklist servers such as SpamCop. It doesn't automatically delete
      > them, as some commercial spam busting programs do, and there is no
      > possibility of losing important messages just because someone's server
      > has been identified by SpamCop as having sent some spam, a failing in
      > many competing programs. You have the final say. It allows you to have
      > the final choice of what messages you delete, and only makes
      > recommendations based upon the best information it has available.
      > One of the useful features of MailWasher is that filters may be used
      > if desired to aid the processing of emails. It is not necessary to use
      > them, but they can be a big help if one wants to take a few minutes to
      > set them up. Filters may be set up to aid in selection or rejection of
      > certain groups of messages, i.e., you can set one up for mailing lists
      > such as "If the Subject field contains "[TCI]" then mark the message
      > as from a legitimate source. This filter takes priority over the
      > blacklist.", or "If the To field contains "undisclosed" and
      > "recipients" then mark the message as mail to be deleted and mark the
      > message as mail to be bounced." The former is useful when you receive
      > legitimate messages often from an otherwise blacklisted server (the
      > [TCI] is an identifier common to all message titles), and the latter
      > is used to prevent any messages addressed to undisclosed recipients
      > from arriving in your mailbox. This will speed the checking of
      > messages to be or not to be downlo!
      > aded. These filters are very easy to set up using a function of the
      > program and no scripting language need be learned.
      > The program also allows a text only preview of the message to aid you
      > in your decision of whether it is spam. This downloads very quickly,
      > and being text, leaves the photos included in the spam on the server,
      > and is a great help in making your final decision. Once you have
      > marked those which are spam, you click on process, bounce messages are
      > returned to the spam senders, messages not wanted are deleted from the
      > server without the necessity of downloading them, and your email
      > program is invoked, allowing you to download the remaining good messages.
      > What is the advantage of this over manual deletion in your email
      > program? Firstly, you never even have to download the messages you
      > would have manually deleted, or those containing viruses which it
      > identifies. Secondly, the spam senders you detect and mark get sent
      > bounce notices from the server telling them your address is bad and
      > that their messages were not delivered. Therefore, when you download
      > the messages, you will only have to download those you wish to
      > receive. This will save a surprising amount of time in the actual
      > download.
      > The accuracy of the program will increase as you build your personal
      > blacklist file - those who you have marked as spam senders. Of course,
      > due to the bounced email messages going back to the sender, chances
      > are many will have already removed your address from their mailing
      > list. This is not the same as clicking on the remove address at the
      > bottom of spam - that you should never do, as it identifies your
      > address as being a valid address, and makes it even more valuable to
      > the spammer. The bounce message MailWasher sends is the same as you
      > would receive if you sent a message to a bad address, therefore doing
      > the opposite, telling the spammer your email address is no longer
      > good. With the new 2.0 version, you have the choice of bouncing them
      > via your local server, or via the server that sent the original spam,
      > or not at all.
      > MailWasher v 2.08b and the older v 1.33 versions may be downloaded
      > from http://www.mailwasher.net/ - they are both a quick download as
      > the program is reasonably small. Setup is quick and easy, and
      > operation is intuitive. The 2.08b version is a Beta product, and seems
      > to be reasonably stable; if you have difficulty with it (unlikely),
      > try the older stable v 1.33 release. Give it a try - as it runs
      > outside your email program, it is easy to delete if you should opt not
      > to continue using it.
      > Mailwasher is Shareware. This means you can try it for free, but if
      > you continue using it, you should register the program. Nick does it a
      > little different than some, and that is he will register the program
      > for donations of as little as USD$3.00 and up. A donation of USD$20
      > will bring unlimited support. Suggested amounts are: Educational/Non
      > profit $5-10, Personal $10-20, Business $20-30. See the FAQ link at
      > Nicks page:
      > To Download:
      > http://www.mailwasher.net/download.php
      > For another review of MailWasher:
      > http://www.pcworld.com/howto/article/0,aid,103299,00.asp

      Alan Muise-Benner wrote:

      >After all the recent Spam discussion, I thought there might be some
      >who'd like to check out this program, which can be downloaded free. I
      >just ran across it a couple of days ago, and have tried it out. It shows
      >MailWasher (http://www.mailwasher.net/)

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