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RE: Ontario researchers - births, marriages, deaths project

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  • Lorna Laughton
    Hi Kathy and all: According to the Description of the Index Transcription Process that I was sent, here is the process: 1. A prospective volunteer registers
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      Hi Kathy and all:
      According to the "Description of the Index Transcription Process" that I was sent, here is the process:
      1. A prospective volunteer registers using an online form. There is a choice of preferences - i.e. scanning, transcribing, proofreading, or being a Specialist. Let's say that I chose to be a transcriber.
      2. When I am ready to do some work, I would fill in an online form saying that I am ready to transcribe.
      3. The next available 10 scanned pages would be automatically e-mailed to me along with the instructions. I would download a free piece of transcribing software called "OntarioWINBMD", or an EXCEL template.
      4. I would complete the transcription of the 10 pages. I would have the ability to flag an individual record or an entire scanned page as needing further attention by the Specialist Coordinator, i.e. rescanning or comparing to the original. So I would not be left making difficult transcription decisions.
      5. I would return the transcription by e-mail. The "OntarioWinBMD" software has an option to send the completed work back, or I would e-mail the EXCEL spreadsheet back to the specific e-mail address. The  work is automatically uploaded to a temporary holding area in the database for proofreading, and the block of work is flagged as completed.
      6. I can repeat these steps as many times as I want. I think that I volunteered for 5 hours a month when I filled out the volunteer form. Obviously, I can pick when I want to work and how much I do.
      This seems to be a well-planned project. The process looks easy enough and flexible. The web site is http://www.rootsweb.com/~ongenpro/bmd/.
      Does that help? 
      Lorna Laughton  lornalaughton@...
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      Lorna, what exactly is involved in doing this work?  What equipment does a person need in order to do it?  I don't know if I should volunteer or not.
      Hi Ontario researchers:
      Many of you may know about this project already, as Ellen Kinghorn sent an e-mail to AFHS dist-gen about this awhile ago, but I think that it is worth repeating - in case you were off the list for the summer.
      A group lead by Jill Claus has proposed to transcribe the indexes to the births, marriages and death records of Ontario. These are the Government of Ontario registration indexes started in 1869. This group, known as the "Ontario BMD Index Project" has formally submitted a proposal to the Ontario Archives, who own these historical records.
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