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Editorial Schedule for Chinook

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Hi all, As usual we are receiving many excellent articles for the April issue on Present Your Family History and some will be saved for future issues. This
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      Hi all,


      As usual we are receiving many excellent articles for the April issue on Present Your Family History and some will be saved for future issues. This does not mean that if you have an article to submit on this or any other topic that you should not send it in.


      I am taking another course on producing magazines and journals. It always helps to keep up on the latest and greatest techniques and I love learning. One thing the new course material pointed out is a publication should have an editorial schedule a year in advance to prepare readers and contributors for what is expected. I have not come up with a topic for the full year, but I am letting you know the next two issues after April and then I will keep my ears to the ground to hear the hoof beats of what is hot and what is not.


      So here is the editorial schedule for the next two issues:


      July issue – immigration stories and articles. Where did our Canadian immigrants come from and where did they settle? What problems did they face or what funny stories did they tell. I was speaking with a gentleman at a meeting last night. He remembers coming from Holland when he was 4 and a half. He talked about the ship that was converted from a military vessel. The “dining hall” was a room with picnic type tables complete with benches nailed to the floor so the tossing of the ship would not send them flying. He remembers sitting down to his dessert, a plate of ice cream. Just as he was about to dig in, the ship tossed one way and the ice cream slid away from him. He looked down the table to see where it went and just then the ship tossed the other way and the dish came sliding back. “Guess who got a face full of ice cream?” he chuckled. That’s what I love. Stories about real people with real experiences that touch our hearts with their courage or touch our funny bone with their sense of humour. Articles can also be about sources for finding records and other tips for digging out the information from the family memories before they fade. So in time for Canada Day anything about immigration will be welcome.


      October issue – war stories and war records. Already some articles are trickling in on this topic. An interesting topic to explore might be how are war records and war stories of the soldiers in Afghanistan being kept for future generations. It is good to look outside the traditional aspects of any topic – e.g. not just the past but the present, maybe even the future (what should we encourage government and/or historians do in documenting for the future). Maybe even what happened to those left to fan the flames of the home fires? Rosie Riveters and children finding work as soon as they were able… Children who never knew their father because he left and never returned…


      The topics I choose come out of what is already being submitted, but I also look forward to direct requests to cover a topic. So what ideas do you have for next January and the following April? How our ancestors (or maybe even you) survived the Great Depression? What trades and professions our ancestors came to Canada with and what did they actually find work doing?


      You tell me! Or Ask the Expert and that may lead us to a great topic down the road. Meanwhile keep the submissions and ideas flowing. Chinook is after all for you!


      Happy reading!


      Xenia Stanford

      Editor, Chinook 

      Email; editor-chinook@...

      SIGS Contact: Ukrainian, Métis

      Phone: 295-3490; Fax: 274-0564

      Alberta Family Histories Society



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