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    Last month there was a tour of the University of Calgary s genealogy resources for AFHS members. The tour was led by Jerremie Clyde of the University and John
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2008
      Last month there was a tour of the University of Calgary's genealogy resources for AFHS members.  The tour was led by Jerremie Clyde of the University and John Wright of the Military Museum in Calgary.  Jerremie and John have both said nice things - John saying:  "It was a pleasure - and a challenge (in a good sense) - having the opportunity to meet with your group, who were knowledgeable and greatly involved with the information they wanted. That sort of engagement with the material always makes our job more rewarding - and provides us with opportunities to learn." And Jerremie said "It was a real pleasure for John and I.  There wasn't the time to do everything one might want to do.  Maybe John and I can do a longer session for the group next year, say on a weekend."
      Just wanted to pass that on.
      Ann Williams
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