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RE: Death Penalty Index for New France

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Oops, I meant his murderer - not “murdered” - was executed. From: owner-dist-gen@afhs.ab.ca [mailto:owner-dist-gen@afhs.ab.ca] On Behalf Of Xenia Stanford
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      Oops, I meant his murderer -  not “murdered” - was executed.



      From: owner-dist-gen@... [mailto:owner-dist-gen@...] On Behalf Of Xenia Stanford
      Sent: October 9, 2008 11:46 AM
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      Subject: Death Penalty Index for New France


      Hi all,


      I have cced the Quebec SIG, so my apologies if you receive this email twice. Just use the handy delete key!


      When looking for a particular name for a client, I struck out on Ancestry, FamilySearch and PRDH, so decided to try a general search for the name on the Internet only to find he was the victim of a murder (throat cut) and his murdered was executed. I found this at http://members.shaw.ca/canada_legal_history/qc.htm - it is the CANADA DEATH PENALTY INDEX for Quebec

      It starts with New France and goes to Quebec from Confederation to Present.


      From the main index at http://members.shaw.ca/canada_legal_history/main_index.htm you can search all provinces. You never know what you might find in unexpected places.



      Xenia Stanford (president@...)

      Editor, Chinook 

      SIGS Contact: Ukrainian, Métis

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      Alberta Family Histories Society



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