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Calling on assistnce of BK users

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  • Judith Rempel
    I m assisting a researcher who has the most convoluted family dynamics I ve ever seen. Within a 50-person portion of her family she has a gay couple, a child
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2008

      I’m assisting a researcher who has the most convoluted family dynamics I’ve ever seen.  Within a 50-person portion of her family she has a gay couple, a child born to a one-night stand, several families who ‘converted’ to an unusual easten religion which caused them to change their name.  Of the latter couples, some had children and then resumed using their birth names, but their children have the “odd” religion-based birth names.


      She’s using Brothers’ Keeper, which I’m very familiar with and have gotten her through most of the hurdles, but we’re left with one.  The one night stand.  The child deserves to have both parents identified, and BK presumes that they are married.   Of course we can change that to “common law” or “not married”.  But they were not common law.  And if we choose “not married” the register report generates the word “partner” to describe the relationship.  That’s far from the truth. 


      Certainly she can edit any register report after it’s exported, but she’s also wanting to submit the gedcom to a centralized large database (BK file of over 1 million records right now) and is concerned that the non-marriage really be clear. (this is obviously a very tolerant family).



      What do you think?  What would you do?  Please reply to all as it will give us a chance to share the brainstorming.



      And, let me tell you the approach to the other issues:



      ·         Enter each individual separately and choose their birth gender.

      ·         Then, link them as if married or common law or not married.  BK will hiccup and ask if you’re sure.  If you say yes – they’ll be tied together.

      (if you add one and then “add spouse”, BK will be completely unwilling to add a same sex partner)



      I always advise people to use the birth name of the individual.  I never use the term “maiden name” – since that only refers to women and implies it somehow relates to marriage.  Birth name is great because it works for women who marry (and unmarry), boys who become adopted, and folks who take on a new name for legal, personal or religious reasons later in life.  Then, in this case, we added a short sentence to the general Notes area to indicate that the individual chose a new name for themselves.  It can be qualified by the start and stop times if desired.


      Hope everyone at AFHS is well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine these days.



      Judith Rempel, B.A., M.A., Coordinator

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