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RE: Family Reunion Ideas

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  • Dawn Kirkpatrick
    Our Kirkpatrick reunions are always really big and it s hard to get to know everyone (which is why we have one almost every year!). One game we played
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2008
      Our Kirkpatrick reunions are always really big and it's hard to get to know
      everyone (which is why we have one almost every year!). One "game" we
      played recently at a Charlton reunion was really great in introducing people
      to each other and I'm going to suggest it for one of the upcoming
      Kirkpatrick ones. It's very simple, but it gets people talking.

      Everyone gets a little card with twelve questions on them that they answer.
      The cards we used had the following questions on them, but you could get
      creative and write your own, I think:

      Choose one word to describe yourself.
      Which Disney character are you most like?
      What colour are your mom's eyes?
      What thought first crosses your mind when you hear "Once upon a time?"
      When you were growing up, were you the calm cool-headed kid or the
      What is your favorite card game?
      Do you hold a grudge?
      If you were to choose a vegetable most resembling your personality, what
      vegetable would you pick?
      Can you roll your tongue?
      If you had to choose between eternal youth, endless wealth or a year's
      supply of dog food, which would it be?
      What is your parents' wedding date?
      Do you get along with all your siblings?

      Each question has a signature line under it, which you leave BLANK.

      After everyone has filled out their cards, they start moving about the room,
      trying to find individuals who have put the same answers on their questions.
      When you find someone who has answered a question the same as yours, you get
      them to sign on the signature line beneath that question. First person to
      get a signature for all their questions wins a prize.

      The game takes some time to play. Allow for at least an hour. But it is a
      lot of fun and a great tool for getting to know people. I was so impressed
      I kept my little card for inspiration. I know one day it will be my turn to
      organize the Kirkpatrick Family Reunion!

      Hope this helps.


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      Hi to all, we are having a family reunion. We have one every 5 years, and
      I am looking for ideas. Previously we have done wall charts with the whole
      360 people on them. We have also done books, last reunion and couple back
      before that. I would like to do something different this time. Will
      appreciate any ideas.

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