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Intellectual Property Piracy in Ukraine

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Haigh, Maria. Downloading Communism: File Sharing as Samizdat in Ukraine Libri 57(3)(September 2007): 165-178. (HYPERLINK
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      Haigh, Maria. "Downloading Communism: File Sharing as Samizdat in Ukraine"

      Libri  57(3)(September 2007): 165-178.

      (http://www.librijournal.org/2007-3toc.html). - Ukrainian file sharing practices and attitudes towards piracy and international copyright measures may seem like a rather specialized topic, but this article (titled after a popular, satirical poster) illuminates some of the dynamics of intellectual property issues in a globalized world. Going beyond the legal and economic discussions, the author shows that Ukraine's high rate of piracy and the public's dismissive attitudes towards copyright are bound up with Ukraine's national identity and reflect two distinctive features of its cultural heritage -- on the one hand, the Soviet Union's disregard for international copyright norms, and on the other hand, the cultural tradition of Samizdat

      -- the clandestine (and dangerous) copying and distribution of suppressed literature, often done through a underground, person-to-person network. When the U.S. wielded trading power with Ukraine to defend the intellectual property interests of the American entertainment industry, Ukrainians saw this as yet another heavy-handed attempt at foreign intervention. There are unstated parallels here with open access, open source, and other related issues, which the author plans to explore in future articles. The full text of the published article will be available one year after publication, but the author's draft (PDF) is available online now. - BR



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