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Digital Genealogist

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  • Bill Mumford
    At the Genealogical Computer Group meeting this AM I mentioned the on-line e-zine, Digital Genealogist, that has been available for the past year as possibly
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2007
      At the Genealogical Computer Group meeting this AM I mentioned the
      on-line e-zine, Digital Genealogist, that has been available for the
      past year as possibly of interest to former subscribers to Ancestry's
      Genealogical Computing. Genealogical Computing was first published in
      the mid 1980s. Paul Andereck was editor at that time and suggested the
      Tiny Tafel and Gedcom in the editorial pages in 1984. The magazine's
      articles were written by well know genealogists and covered a wide
      spectrum of topics. The Genealogical Computer Group maintained a
      subscription for this magazine for many years as it proved a very
      valuable tool for assisting the group's members in solving their
      problems. Eventually the magazine was acquired by Ancestry and fell on
      hard times. A series of editors did their best to restore the magazine
      to its earlier prominence but their efforts were stymied by Ancestry's
      lack of attention to servicing the subscriber base. Eventually Ancestry
      dropped the magazine from their product line due to declining sales.

      The last editor, Elizabeth Kelly Kerstans, who also edits the National
      Genealogical society's Newsmagazine, decided she would resurrect the
      magazine on her own dime. Unable to use the original name she
      christened the new e-zine the Digital Genealogist. The first issue
      appeared in November of 2006. Many of the writers who had prepared
      articles for the old Genealogical Computing volunteered to write
      articles for this first issue. The format is similar to the original
      but not being a printed magazine it require Adobe to view. The first
      issue can viewed in its entirety at www.digitalgenealogist.com along
      with the contents page of the current issue.

      The e-zine appears bi-monthly in January, March, May, July, September.
      and November. In her editorial page in the current issue Liz commits
      herself to guaranteeing the e-zine will be published as advertised
      throughout 2008. However she also states that as the writers are now
      paid for their articles her expenses are exceeding her subscription
      income. She could ask the writers to take less for their articles but
      she feels this would not be fair to those professionals who can earn
      considerably more for a similar expenditure of their time.

      Accordingly she has asked her current subscribers to inform their
      associates about the e-zine in hopes this will result in increased
      subscriptions. Being a long time friend of Liz I feel I should do as
      she has requested. I invite you all to visit www.digitalgenealogist.com
      and check out the first issue and the content of the latest issue. If
      you find there are articles of interest and that the magazine is worth
      the subscription price of $20 a year please subscribe.

      On a personal note I want to see this publication thrive if only to
      prove Ancestry made a mistake in shutting down Genealogical Computing.
      Of course the fact that I've written a couple of articles for Liz has no
      bearing on this at all. :-[


      Bill Mumford
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