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Guardian and Observer archives

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  • Carol Lylyk
    For anyone who s ancestors might have been newsworthy .
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2007
      For anyone who's ancestors might have been "newsworthy".


      This archive will eventually contain the digital reproduction of every page, article and advert published in the
      Guardian (since 1821) and the Observer (since 1791 - the oldest Sunday paper in the world). For this launch the archive
      covers the period of 1821-1975 for the Guardian and 1900-1975 for the Observer as we are still working on digitising the
      remaining material. From early 2008 onwards the entire archive up to 2003 will be available - more than 1.2m pages
      covering all major historic events over 212 years as reported at the time.

      Free searches but to get full access:

      How much does it cost?
      Timed pass Price 50% discount until November 30 2007
      24 hours £7.95 £3.97
      Three days £14.95 £7.47
      One month* £49.95 £24.97
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