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Love stories wanted

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Hi gentle folks, It just struck me that the January issue is right before Valentine s Day. So why not send us your ancestors love story/stories? e.g. My
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      Hi gentle folks,
      It just struck me that the January issue is right before Valentine's Day. So why not send us your ancestors' love story/stories?
      e.g. My mother was a "mail order bride" so to speak. My father's friends said he was getting on and not getting a wife. So they took matters into their own hands. OK  - that is all I will tell at this time. Read the rest in January.
      My grandparents on one side met at a dance while my grandmother's intended was serving his compulsory army duty. He never married. He told people she was the "love of his life". Did my grandmother make a mistake? Wait until January to find out.
      On the other side my grandfather came to see Canada and to find out if the land was as rich and free as the stories he had heard. Despite many problems encountered by settlers he encountered, my grandfather went home to marry his childhood sweetheart. Her parents said "No" since he intended to take his intended to Canada after marriage. His love of the land must have been more powerful than his love of his sweetheart, as he married my grandmother instead. Was he right in choosing land over love? OK - you know the drill - wait until January to find out.
      Whether it is the story of two strangers meeting and marrying or stories of love or heartbreak, tell us about how your ancestors met and thus produced you.
      It doesn't have to be long or sad or happy. Just send us your Valentine tale of how you came to be - no matter how far back the story occurred.

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)

      Editor, Chinook 

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