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Threshing crew (contributors) needed for the January 2008 issue Chinook!

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Hi all, I hope you are enjoying your October issue of Chinook. If you read my column Editor s Eye , you will realize that I need to start gathering input for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      Hi all,
      I hope you are enjoying your October issue of Chinook. If you read my column "Editor's Eye", you will realize that I need to start gathering input for January 2008's issue. The deadline for contributions for this issue is November 1. Although a steady stream of new main features comes in (which should not discourage you, if you have a good story about an ancestor or even a time period in Alberta or Canadian or even another country's history that may help us connect to the social history of our ancestors), it is our features that need more input.
      1. Queries - if you have a mystery or roadblock in tracing your ancestors - two free for AFHS members per year (issue year so starts with this October (as you may have noted, it is Volume 28) - and $5.00 for over that limit and/or for non-members. Please note non-members do not receive the issue in which their query is included. There is an extra charge for that. Queries should be sent to queries-chinook@... and non-members or those who are including more than two queries since October 2007, should send payment to 

      ATTN:  Publications Committee – Queries

      Alberta Family Histories Society

      712-16 Ave. NW

      Calgary, AB, Canada   

      T2M 0J8


      Payment will need to reach us at least six weeks before the issue date (e.g. November 15, 2007 for January 2008's issue) to ensure the query will be included in the upcoming issue.


      2. Serendipity - that ah-ha moment when you find another clue to your ancestry when or where you least expect it! Just read the last few issues and you will see some of the stories. Photos are also always welcome. Wasn't Rosemary Kry's ancestor (as shown in the October 2007's issue) beautiful? Or in today's terms a "hottie". Let us see your ancestors beautiful or plain or just plain interesting. No charge for Serendipity articles and, if yours is chosen, you will receive a complimentary copy in the issue it appears, even if you are not a member.


      3. SIG columns - we want one report from each SIG per year. More are welcome. You may include the upcoming dates and topics of meetings (e.g. the Celtic SIG in October's issue); new resources (e.g. the review of the Metis National Council Historical Database by Jim Bowman and the Ontario SIG by Marion Peterson), stories from SIG members or a list of names and places of origin (e.g. the Ukrainian SIG). Your SIG not represented in October's issue? Send us your submission for the January or April or July issue. Your SIG represented in October's issue? No matter - send us another. There is no limit placed on entries per SIG per year.


      4. Book reviews, interesting tidbits as potential fillers, events or anything else related to genealogy.


      5. Columnists - get those virtual pens out and write your article. Isn't it interesting we call it write even if it is not written but typed? Never mind me - write right away. November 1st is looming near. Right after Halloween!


      Xenia Stanford (president@...)

      Editor, Chinook 

      SIGS Contact: Ukrainian, French, Métis

      Phone: 295-3490; Fax: 274-0564

      Alberta Family Histories Society



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