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CBC-TV - 1:00 pm today or next Thursday?

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  • Lorna Laughton
    Hi all: The short story: Linda Murray and I might have our 15 seconds of fame today September 20 from 1:00 and 1:30 pm on CBC-TV program Living Calgary . On
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2007


      Hi all:


      The short story:

      Linda Murray and I might have our “15 seconds of fame” today September 20 from 1:00 and 1:30 pm on CBC-TV program “Living Calgary”.


      On Monday I was told that the segment would be on TV next Thursday September 27, but I just saw a trailer from yesterday’s program (you can see the show again a day later) showing me on today’s program. We will see.


      If you don’t catch the show (maybe Linda and I won’t want anyone to watch it – we haven’t seen the editing), the last 5 shows can be replayed at http://www.cbc.ca/livingcalgary/.


      The long story:

      Karin Klassen, Producer of ‘Living Calgary’ TV show, interviewed Linda Murray and me on August 18, 2007 about family history, genealogy, and everything. She also interviewed me about finding out the history of your house (a separate segment). She interviewed Linda about displaying family history by scrap booking and other artefacts (another separate segment, I think). The interviews were done at the AFHS Library and the cameraman [Justin?] filmed extra tape of the bookshelves, books on the table, a computer search, etc.


      Karin intended the interviews to be broadcast within the larger CBC “Living” series (i.e. Living Halifax, Living Vancouver, Living Toronto, and wherever else) and so she asked Linda and I not to make references to Calgary . This was hard to do because we are programmed to promote AFHS and Calgary repositories! Also, the style of the interview was such that Karin’s questions would be edited out, meaning that Linda and I had to repeat the question within our response so that it would make sense. So if the dialogue appears somewhat hesitant and stilted, it was because we had to think of these factors fast during our answers! Also, we were both slightly nervous about having our 15 seconds of fame to come.


      The really good part of this exhausting 4 hours session was that Karin was interested in family history, and as you noted, she joined AFHS, included a donation, and borrowed some magazines. As well, we arranged another segment for her to produce on the cemetery transcription project. Heather Jaremko and Heather Williams are handling the meeting arrangements with Karin directly. At the Board meeting last night, Heather Williams said that she and her committee are meeting ahead of time to work on their presentation so that it is consistent, etc. We also suggested another segment on the topic of the queries that AFHS receives with Mabel Kiessling and Linda Holdaway . I am not sure if that is being arranged yet. So we didn’t let Karin off the hook, now that we know her. When I talked to her on Monday, she said that she would talk to us again for even more ideas, after her busy fall set-up time is over. Karin has a lot of segments to produce to fill up the program, so she’s very happy that we have ‘ideas’ for her. I also mentioned “FamilyRoots” and Karin said “what do people do at the Family History conference?” Of course, I said that we would be glad to tell her all about it. So I know that we can get some publicity for FamilyRoots with a TV interview for CBC – at least through the ‘Living Calgary’ programme.


      The ‘Living Calgary’ programme is on CBC TV from 1:00 to 1:30 pm from Monday to Friday. It has about 3 sections – 1 or 2 segments are live or recently taped interviews of Calgary activities (decorating, health, food, clothing, activities, etc) with host Astrid Kuhn, and 1 or 2 segments are the previously taped interviews like ours – some local and some generic for the whole group of ‘Living’ programmes. You can see the style by watching the show or going to http://www.cbc.ca/livingcalgary/.


      Despite the long session and lots of taping done of Linda and me, we know that a lot of editing is done. So we expect that we will have only about 15 seconds of fame each. Although we weren’t able to promote the Alberta Family Histories Society directly, we hope that we were enthusiastic spokespeople for genealogy and family history as an activity.


      Lorna Laughton


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