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Computer SIG Meeting 08 Sep 07

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  • Gord Hulbert
    Hi there: As all of you know buy now, we ve had to make some changes in regards to this Saturday s meeting. Wendy Pitcher has been kind enough to provide us
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2007
      Hi there:

      As all of you know buy now, we've had to make some changes in regards to this Saturday's meeting.  Wendy Pitcher has been kind enough to provide us with some directions to the Coach Hill Chapel.

      You certainly acted quickly. I have reserved the Primary room in the Coach Hill Chapel for Saturday.

      The Church is accessed from both Strathcona Blvd and Strathcona Drive. But each of those roads have a median you cannot cross. So, you can access the Church by going east on Strathcona Drive. (If you were to go west on Bow Trail, up the hill, and turn left at the lights on Strathcona Blvd and then go left at Strathcona Drive, lights, you could access the SE corner where the Church is.) That intersection has a gas station and the Strathcona Square Shopping Centre on adjoining corners. You can access the Church by going north on Strathcona Blvd. (If you were to go west on 17th Ave SW, up the hill and turn right on 69th Street-the intersection where the new Westside Recreation Centre is- which becomes Strathcona Blvd and proceed past a little green space ravine you will see the Church, so turn into the parking lot there or turn the corner to the right and go onto Strathcona Drive and immediately into the parking lot. ) There are three doors into the Church. One on the East, West and South. We will use the one on the South. When you go through the doors you turn to your left and it is the corner room. (The room to the right will have quilting going on. The washrooms are across the hall from these two rooms. The men’s by our room on the left.)

      I know that the above seems very lengthy but the medians cause a little problem. To go from the Heritage Chapel: take Heritage Drive west to 14th St. SW and travel north past the Rockyview Hospital and onto Glenmore Trail going West. Stay on Glenmore as it turns into Sarcee Trail and continue north to either 17th Ave SW (the closest) or Bow Trail and then turn left up the hill to the west and follow the above directions.

       I am sorry for the hassles but I think that all can be accommodated. I will meet you there by 9:00 am. I think that signage on the Heritage building will have to do. The chapels are about 20+ minutes apart depending on the traffic and construction.

      Gord Hulbert
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