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Ask not what you society can do for you but what you can do for your society!

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Hi all, I guess you don t need AFHS because you have already completed all the genealogy you could ever possibly want to do. So it would seem, because it just
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2007
      Hi all,
      I guess you don't need AFHS because you have already completed all the genealogy you could ever possibly want to do. So it would seem, because it just came to my attention that we do not have volunteers for the three most key positions: Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer. No society can run without these so I gather you either did not know there are no contenders or else you don't care. I am assuming it is because you don't know, because I didn't know this until yesterday.
      No one volunteering to serve means no more AFHS, no more Chinook, no more advice, encouragement and camaraderie from our fellow or like-minded members.
      If you read my first editorial as Chinook editor, you would know how much I care about volunteering. I was brought up to believe that you reap what you sow, you must give before you can receive and societies you want to see exist or continue cannot do so without you. Members of my family actually won awards for their contributions but that is not why they did it. They did it because of their belief that it is their duty to contribute in ways to ensure their church, society and community would continue being strong. Further they believe making these entities strong is what makes our country strong. How can anyone believe otherwise?
      I believe there are members willing and able (more than able) to fill these positions. They just don't know they can do it or how much mutual benefit can be derived from volunteering for these positions. I believe most people are humble. They think "I couldn't possibly be Chair. I don't have what it takes. The person in this position should be more visible or active than me or for longer than me." This is not true. Almost anyone can be Chair. If you don't know how to do it, volunteering will certainly teach you that and more. Besides there are many seasoned members who have done their duty in these positions and who can mentor you.
      I used to say it looks good on your resume. Perhaps you are in the position where this is not an incentive. How about it will look good for your children, grandchildren and descendants to come because they will have the work you do in this community to understand their past and will be taught that volunteering is a good thing to do to ensure the future.
      Perhaps you are waiting to be asked but we will not know until you come forward. So ask yourself "how can I help"? What do I need to learn? How will I benefit from learning this? How will this inspire others so our future generations can draw water from this well.
      Then let George Lake know. If you do not know if you are suitable for a certain position but would like to help, I am sure he can help you figure out what position would be best for you. George can be reached at george@...

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)

      Editor, Chinook 

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