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Call for articles for next Chinook

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Hi to all, Thanks for the compliments on the January issue of Chinook. We couldn t have done it without the input of many people including the authors of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2007
      Hi to all,

      Thanks for the compliments on the January issue of Chinook. We couldn't have
      done it without the input of many people including the authors of articles
      and other items.

      OK, I know you just received this issue but I want to give you time to
      submit for April's issue. We need a couple of months lead time to put
      everything together. This means I am looking for a deadline of the first
      Thursday of February (February 1st).

      We are looking for articles on your ancestors, how you conducted successful
      research and background information on what social, cultural or political
      events affected our ancestors. We are particularly interested in Albertans
      and Alberta. Photographs to accompany the submission are always interesting
      and enhance the article.

      Even if you have only a photo with no story to go with it, we are happy to
      have these as fillers. Of course, we need some detail on the photo - when,
      where, who, what and maybe why and how.

      Don't forget that Serendipity column - the one where you accidentally or
      through great research happened upon some surprising or unexpected results.

      Did you know that members of AFHS can post (two for free each year) a query
      in the Chinook? Not only will you tap members' knowledge but you also can
      gain the expertise from people in places where we exchange Chinook for their
      society's publication. This includes locations in North America and abroad
      (England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia). Who knows - you may stumble upon
      a relative in one of these places. Then you can follow up with a serendipity

      We also welcome queries from non-members. They pay $5.00 per entry. What
      better deal than that to have such exposure to a wide audience?

      We also want to hear from our SIGS. In the last issue I mentioned the Métis
      SIG. From that brief mention, I received two email messages. One was
      regarding a book by Norman Wishart on discovering he had Cree roots. We are
      receiving a free copy of his book, as well as a copy of another book on
      Alberta history. The other was from someone interested in receiving more
      information on the SIG. So who knows what you will receive by giving us an
      entry for our SIG CORNER, which will now be a regular feature.

      N.B. In the SIG CORNER column last issue, I said the "The English/Welsh SIG
      has contributed to this issue as well as to the previous one". Yet there was
      no article from them in the January issue. I ran out of room so their
      article will be run next time but I forgot to update my words after I
      removed the article. In any case, they have submitted twice (and we welcome
      more). So I hope the other SIGs will contribute at least once this year.

      Know someone not from our society who has something helpful to say? We
      welcome outside input too. In exchange they will receive a free copy of the
      Chinook to which they contributed.

      Looking forward to hearing your stories, articles and queries as well as
      seeing photographs you send in,

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)
      Editor, Chinook
      SIGS Contact: Ukrainian, French, Métis
      Phone: 295-3490; Fax: 274-0564
      Alberta Family Histories Society

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