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Re: Wilson family in Byemoor

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  • Judith Rempel
    ... I m afraid that I know nothing about Byemoor, but understand that it s near Stettler and Drumheller. Most of Alberta is covered by the Alberta
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      Lindsay Addison wrote:
      > Dear Judith

      > I am a grandson of an early pioneer who came to Canada in 1907.
      > My name is Chris Sumner-Wilson and it was my grandfather and his
      > brother (john & frank sumner wilson) who came to settle. We are trying
      > to collect any information about them and Byemoor. We have recently
      > purchased a copy of "Still God's Country" The early history of Byemoor
      > and area. The book was published by the Byemoor History Committee in
      > 1975, and contains some information and photographs regarding my
      > family on pages 77 and 230.
      > I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction to
      > gather any information as I recently married and we intend to visit
      > Canada and in particular the area of Byemoor while on honeymoon in
      > April 2007.
      > Thank-you for your time. Could you please send me a reply even if you
      > are unable to help. Happy New Year.
      > Best Wishes
      > Chris Sumner-Wilson
      > Lincolnshire
      > England
      I'm afraid that I know nothing about Byemoor, but understand that it's
      near Stettler and Drumheller. Most of Alberta is 'covered' by the
      Alberta Genealogical Society (I've been with the Alberta Family
      Histories Society which has a much smaller geographical focus - the
      Calgary region), who you can find online at: http://abgensoc.ca/ - they
      could let you know about various resources that they have for
      "Byebmoor". (e.g. cemetery transcriptions, especially from the Red Deer

      Since your family woud not be in the 1906 census (the project I was
      leading), you could try automated genealogical transcription work for
      the 1911 census at: http://automatedgenealogy.com/census11/Test4.jsp

      In fact, there are John & Frank Wilsons at:

      There are others as well.

      by cc of this, I'll distribute your note to the AFHS discussion list -
      and perhaps others have ideas for you.

      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel
      Library & Archives Coordinator
      queries@... & rempel@...
      Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta

      Mennonite Genealogy Data Index

      JR Solutions
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