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8mm to dvd Fwd: Circuits: The Dilemma over Future Storage Formats

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  • Mary Arthur
    Another possible solution
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2006
      Another possible solution

      Begin snipped forwarded message:

      > "Last year I transferred a couple of hours of 45-year-old 8-mm
      > family movies to digital. I hit upon a surprisingly easy way to do
      > the job: I just projected the movies, being careful to set
      > everything up for very good focus, brightness, and so on. Then I
      > put my Sony camcorder on a tripod and simply recorded the screen.
      > Later I fed the information in the camera to iMovie, edited in some
      > music and titles, and we were off to the races."
      > I'm happy it worked out. Of course, this method has the same
      > problem as the "send it to the drugstore" method: it does nothing
      > to fix the picture. If it's red and faded, it will be red and faded
      > on your camcorder, too.
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