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Re: Saskatchewan Vital Records and Homestead Files

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  • Charlie Hansen
    ... I had occasion to use the services of Saskatchewan Archives this summer, when I was searching for homestead records for my wife s RICHARDSON relatives.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 25, 2006
      On 23 Oct 2006 Xenia Stanford wrote, in part:

      > Saskatchewan Homestead Records index can be found online at
      > http://www.saskhomesteads.com/ and then you send away for the actual
      > documents themselves. I don't know how much they send because I received the
      > information from the Family History Library where they had the homestead
      > application and supporting documents along with the file granting the land
      > together. When my sister wrote to Saskatchewan for the record she only
      > received the grant and not the supporting documentation which included the
      > naturalization information. So I will have to wait and see what information
      > they will send now.

      I had occasion to use the services of Saskatchewan Archives this summer, when I
      was searching for homestead records for my wife's RICHARDSON relatives. After
      finding some Alberta homestead records, a mention of one family member obtaining a
      South African Volunteer Bounty Act scrip while a resident at Watrous Saskatchewan
      led me to search the Saskatchewan homestead records on line. A surname search
      returned 124 entries for land locations W2 (West of 2nd meridian) and 181 for W3.
      Using known given names from family history and the 1901 Ontario census, I found 7
      matches and noted the file numbers and locations.

      When I phoned the Archives at Regina with a general question, the very helpful
      archivist asked for the file numbers of interest. About three weeks later I received a
      large envelope with 45 8.5 x 14 pages. Two of the files were not the right family
      when noting the place of birth on the documents, but the other 5 were relevant. Other
      than cover page, they averaged about 6 pages. (A copy of the patent application
      takes 4 pages) the rest were copies of supporting affidavits, a letter confirming the
      patent grant, or entry applications or abandonments. I have found that the entry
      application does not exist in many cases. In one case no documents but the cover
      page existed, which only noted an abandonment and the land description. In this case
      the archivist wrote a short note giving the date of entry as recorded in the township
      records at the archivist looked up for me! The cost was 50 cents per page plus $5.00
      for postage.

      Charlie Hansen
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