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  • Sharon
    From their CTV website Sharon Family Tree can show medical issues calgary.ctv.ca jsh POSTED AT 2:19 PM Monday, October 9 For many people researching their
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 9, 2006
      From their CTV website


      Family Tree can show medical issues



      POSTED AT 2:19 PM Monday, October 9

      For many people researching their family tree is a fun pastime.
      Family Roots

      But it can also reveal some important genetic information including medical warnings that could prevent disease, or even save a life.

      After genealogical research, Freda Stewart uncovered a trend in her family's medical history.

      “I found all these people that had M.S. Initially a couple of them were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, but it was later changed to M.S.,” said Freda Stewart.

      Stewart now gets regular monitoring of her arthritis.

      Dr. Martin says current genetic testing can identify people who carry the gene for many different diseases like breast cancer, schizophrenia and heart disease.

      A family history of abnormal births or stillbirths can also indicate a genetic problem.

      Geneticist Dr. Renee Martin says things to look out for include "clustering," like when a mother, sister and grandmother share a disease or an early age of onset.

      “For example, if you are worried about breast cancer in your family, and we test and find you have the gene for breast cancer. We can have much more regular surveillance of the breast cancer,” said Dr. Renee Martin at University of Calgary Medical Geneticist.

      Uncovering a medical history through a family tree will be the focus of an upcoming conference.

      The Alberta Family Histories Society will hold Family Roots 2006 with guest speakers, displays and a chance to learn how to do genealogical research.

      Family Roots 2006 will take place this Friday and Saturday.

      For more information visit the Family Roots web site or call 246-6976.

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      Hi Folks:

      We have been successful in persuading CTV (CFCN) NEWS to provide a short news item on family history, leading to promotion of FamilyRoots 2006. A couple of our mrmbers can now consider themselves TV Stars!

      It will appear on CTV NEWS (Channel 3) sometime between 5 and 7 pm on Monday, Thanksgiving Day.

      We are thankful.


      CALGARY, Alberta, CANADA

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