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  • william campbell
    FAMILYROOTS 2006 CALGARY S GENEALOGY EVENT OF THE YEAR *Most everyone on this mailing list knows that October 13 and 14 are going to be banner Fall days
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2006
                           FAMILYROOTS 2006


      Most everyone on this mailing list  knows that October 13 and 14 are going to be banner Fall days on our family history calendar this year.

      The Alberta Family Histories Society hosts its biennial Expo Seminar - FamilyRoots 2006

      The Planning Committee has been working hard for many months to make this the most successful, the most beneficial and the most exciting Seminar ever held in Calgary. The speakers chosen after very careful selection are experts in their field. Their topics are contemporary and reflect the concerns of many of our AFHS members, even those just getting started.

      The keynote speaker, David Rencher from the Family History Library, Salt Lake City will  electrify us when he tells us of the immensity of the ScanStone Project on which they have embarked. It will change our approach to genealogy forever. You can't afford to miss hearing him !

      In order to achieve this 'dream' the Committee needs the support of every family history enthusiast that sees this message. For a start, click on our website here    http://www.family-roots.ca

      We encourage you to explore this immensely informative site. Click on the 'Talks' and consider which of the wide range of topics you find of interest. 'Click' on the title of the talks and read the biographies of our outstanding speakers and a summary of the presentation they will give.

      'Click' on the Displays and see what a wealth of resources is to be there to serve you. You will see software running, books and other aids to peruse and purchase and specialists in nearly every field of genealogy. Never have we assembled such a storehouse of help.

      If you click on 'Poster' you may print off a copy that you can post at your community hall, your church or wherever you feel it can be seen by those who might be interested in 'discovering' their
      ancestors. This is the kind of support your Planning Committee needs from you.

      Be sure to let your neighbours, friends and family know that this will be an exceptional opportunity to learn more about this fascinating 'journey' called family history. One they can't afford to miss. Just Be there!

      FamilyRoots 2006 is OUR Seminar , not just the workshop of the Planning Committee!

      Very shortly you will be able to register on line, in the meantime contact Tara at 403-246-6976 or the AFHS at 403-214-1447 if you need more information. Register early in order to ensure a seats to hear the speakers of  your choice.

                         OCTOBER 13 and 14

      CALGARY, Alberta, CANADA
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