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  • Lois Sparling
    But it was Statistics Canada, and specifically Dr. Fellegi, who claimed to be ready to put in the money and effort to encourage people to consent to the
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 19, 2006
      But it was Statistics Canada, and specifically Dr. Fellegi, who claimed to be ready to put in the money and effort to encourage people to consent to the release of their census returns when lobbying for this compromise legislation.  My question is what is Statistics Canada planning on doing?  What portion of its budget (not the budget of the National Library and Archives) is being expended to fulfil its promise to publicize the importance of consenting to the release of everyone's census returns after 92 years?

      Lois Sparling

      william campbell wrote:
      Hi Folks:
      With the forthcoming (May 16) Canada Census soon to face us we consulted the CGC in Ottawa today.
      We tried to determine what action they plan in order to encourage Canadians to VOTE 'YES' when asked if they will  agree to release of their information in 92 years for the benefit of our descendants.
      They are meeting tomorrow to make that decision and will advise us.
      In the meantime, they have provided a number of links to editorials clipped from recent newspapers that may be of interest to you.
      I encourage you to peruse these and to inform all of your friends to  VOTE 'YES' on May 16th.

      Don't be disturbed by having to 'roll over in your graves' because you failed to act!

      Bill Campbell
      Alberta Family Histories Society
      Public Relations
      CALGARY, Alberta, CANADA

      2006 Census information release
      Perron Marie-Louise <Marie-Louise.Perron@...>
      Tue, 18 Apr 2006 18:15:17 -0400
      "William Campbell (wacampbell@...)" <wacampbell@...>
      "William Campbell (wacampbell@...)" <wacampbell@...>

      2006 Census information release

      Hi Bill!

      Further to our discussion this afternoon on what is being done across the country to encourage Canadians to respond affirmatively to the future release of Canada census 2006 information, the following information outlining the views of many people, beginning with the Librarian and Archivist of Canada, may be of interest to the board of the Alberta Family Histories Society.







      In addition, a number of newspaper reports and editorials on the subject have been printed in many newspapers across the country. Since you already have strong encouragement from the above, I add below the citations (only) for a few such reports, including the following:

      Vote 'yes' on the census, Gregory Murphy and Stan Balch N.B. Genealogical Society, Times & Transcript (Moncton), 2006.04.18, page D6.

      Say 'yes' for history's sake Census information provides a snapshot of our past and must be publicly available, says historian BILL WAISER,  BILL WAISER, GLOBE AND MAIL, 2006.04.14, Comment Section.

      Census information can be released 92 years from now ... if you agree; CAMPBELL MORRISON morrison.campbell@..., The Daily Gleaner (Fredericton), 2006.04.15, p. A6

      Statistique Canada offre l'anonymat éternel, Stéphane Baillargeon, Le Devoir, 2006.04.18, p. A1


      Marie-Louise Perron
      Canadian Genealogy Centre
      Centre canadien de généalogie
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      Division de la référence et de la généalogie
      Library and Archives Canada
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