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Re: location, Earl of Egmont's house

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  • John B. Doyle
    Hi All, Your land description SW26-22-3W5 is for the old homestead prior to the Earl s succession to the title. This property is on the north side of 22X 1
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      Hi All,
      Your land description SW26-22-3W5 is for the old homestead prior to the Earl's succession to the title.  This property is on the north side of 22X 1 mile west of its junction with highway 22.
      His property on Macleod Trail is now the location of the Willow Park Shopping Centre and Willow Park community, the legal description should be NW22-23-1W5.  The farm was on the east side of Macleod Tr. at the bottom of the hill across from Renfrew Chrysler.  You might try the AFHS library's collection of Henderson Directories for more info.  I have an article from the August 1950 issue of THE COMINCO MAGAZINE  about the neighbours of the Ammonia Plant which includes pictures of the earl his children the house and gate posts.
      The earl's new Ranch complete with new earl is SW4-16-29W4, 10 miles west of Nanton on highway 533, the road to Chain Lakes Prov. park.   The highway runs right through the farm site.  This ranch was once known as the MINTO after the Earl of Minto, Canada's GG 1898-1904.
      John Doyle, born on the MINTO.
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      Subject: Re: location, Earl of Egmont's house

      Hi Elizabeth,
      The Earl of Egmont's property was located at SW 26-22-3 W5.  Photos can be located in the Glenbow photo archive at:
      Just type "Earl of Egmont" in the search field.  The search returned 20 photos for me, most of which are of the Earl himself, but some are of the property.
      All the best,

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      Can anyone tell me where the Earl of Egmont's 26 room ranch house was
      located on Macleod Trail prior to 1959? The history book "Our Foothills" !
      about Priddis mentions the Willow Park subdivision. More specific locations
      are given for other Perceval ranch properties in the area.

      I remember seeing the house on the east side of Macleod Trail but haven't
      found a picture of it on the Internet. Willow Park district is between
      Southland Drive (90th Ave) and Anderson Road (109th Ave.)

      One of my online contacts is looking for Perceval and Moodie family members
      in the 1911 census. Cecelia (Moore) Perceval died the same day in 1916 as
      Father Lacombe. -- Elizabeth



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