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FW: Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V2#9 - 18 January 2006

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      Subject: Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V2#9 - 18 January 2006

      Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V2#9 - 18 January 2006

      1 WELCOME
      British Books (4 )
      6 NEWS & GOSSIP

      1 WELCOME:
      Welcome to the Archive CD Books Canada newsletter and if it isn't too late
      let me wish you all a Great New Year and a big hammer for all your "brick

      This newsletter will be published whenever we have enough information to
      make it worth your while reading, but that usually means there will be about
      one a month.

      Remember this Newsletter is published for you so if you think we're missing
      something important drop me a line to Malcolm@....

      Newsletters work best when they get a good circulation. We're doing our
      best to let people know about it but you could help us along by mentioning
      it to your genealogy buddies and generally spreading the word.

      All newsletter administration messages should be e-mailed to

      In the Subject line you may write:
      Halt (if you want to put a temporary stop to receiving newsletters) Resume
      (to lift the Halt and resume receiving newsletters.)

      All previous newsletters may be accessed by logging on to


      A total of 7 new title releases in this newsletter.
      New releases from Archive CD Books Canada.
      New British Books on CD
      News, Gossip, and more.

      To find a book on our web site http://www.archivecdbooks.ca take a note of
      the catalogue number - or use the "copy" function - go to the web site,
      click on the "Search Page" link and enter, or "paste," the number into the
      "Product Number" box. Hit "Search" and then "More" and you will be in a
      position to reread the description or to place your order.
      Alternatively you can browse through the catalogue using the drop down
      headings lists. We have tried to multi-list books where they correspond to
      more than one category but consider the possibility that the subject you are
      looking for may be under a related heading.

      There is frequently more information about the books available on the web
      site than that which is included in the following descriptions.
      All prices in $Cdn.


      Well it has been a struggle, but we have just been able to list some of the
      CDs from the Canadian Dominion Directory for 1871. We have listed the CD of
      the full directory (CA0192-S) here and on the web site but it will not be
      ready to ship for a few days - early next week if all goes well. The
      largest individual parts, the Ontario and Quebec sections, are available
      right now.

      * Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory - 1871
      CA0192-S: $60.00
      Other than the government's official census this is probably the most
      exhaustive single source of information on the inhabitants of "The
      Dominion," and the two closely allied but still independent Provinces of
      Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, in this period. In the Preface to the
      directory John Lovell, the editor and publisher, sets out the background to
      the conception and production of this mammoth work and from this it can be
      seen that his objective was to identify as many individuals as possible in
      the 6 Provinces. He did, however, appear to limit himself to listing only
      the "heads" of families and independent residents such as borders and
      roomers. Unlike so many contemporary directories, it includes people from
      all "walks" of life so laborers, farmers, tradesmen, merchants,
      "professionals," military, clergy, politicians, consuls and even
      representatives of the Crown all get "equal billing." Also in the
      alphabetically arranged lists are businesses and stores, usually showing the
      proprietor or manager as well as the address of the business. Frequently the
      business proprietors and managers are also listed in their own homes as
      Each listing for individuals gives the full name the occupation(s), the
      street address and an indication of the type of residence such as "h"
      for house, or "bds" for boards. The "commercial" listings give the name of
      the business, the nature of the business, the person to contact and the
      street address.
      This is an essential resource for anyone researching Eastern and Central
      Canada in the late 1800's.
      This is an enormous book of in excess of 2,500 pages. In order to make it
      more financially accessible to those who are only interested in one or two
      provinces we have published our reproduction in individual sections as well
      as the whole book.
      We are indebted to the Historical Society of Ottawa for kindly loaning us
      this early directory so we could reproduce it for you on CD. Please join
      with us to thank them for their public spirited generosity in allowing us to
      make this rare and valuable book more accessible.
      (Note: This is a truncated description. See the "More Information"
      section on the web site's description of this title for greater detail on
      the contents of this book.)

      * Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory - 1871 (Ontario section)
      CA0192-O: $30.00
      This CD provides the Ontario alphabetical directory section and the two
      general information sections. The complete directory is available as
      product number CA0192-S. Please see the listing for CA0192-S above for a
      full description. NOTE One Page is missing from the Ontario section of the
      original see CA0192-S "More Information" on the web site for a list of the
      missing places.

      * Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory - 1871 (Quebec section)
      CA0192-Q: $25.00
      This CD provides the Quebec alphabetical directory section and the two
      general information sections. The complete directory is available as
      product number CA0192-S. Please see the listing for CA0192-S above for a
      full description.

      4 COMING SOON:

      Soon now we will be producing the "University of Toronto Roll of Service
      1914 to 1918", loaned to us by a friend of the project who has been very
      understanding about the delay his book is suffering.

      We soon hope to move on to the rare Ottawa Valley history book I mentioned
      last month.

      We now have the interesting Great War books I mentioned last month, loaned
      to us by another friend of the Project, so watch out for these if this is
      your period of interest.

      All are still looking for our 30 hour days - but now we want to grow some
      extra pairs of hands as well. :-)

      (All prices in $Cdn.)



      * Celebrated Criminal Trials in Scotland 1536-1784
      GB1375: $21.90
      Now this one is absolutely fascinating reading!

      Treason, Murder,
      Tumult, Piracy, Forgery, Incest, Adultery, Fornication, Blasphemy,
      Crimes agianst religion and the state, Witchcraft.

      Real cases
      described in detail.

      "ALEXANDER BLAIR, taylor in Currie, was
      criminally prosecuted by his Majesty's Advocate for incest. The fact
      charged against him was, that he had carnal knowledge of one Catherine
      Windrahame, his first wife's half brother's daughter. And being
      admonished by the kirk to abstain from this connection, infstead of
      yielding obedience, he fled to England with the woman, and there
      married her. The jury unanimously found him guilty, and the court
      ordained him to be beheaded,"

      Work that one out!

      * The Notts. And Derbyshire Notes & Queries Vol. 3 1895
      GB0728-3: $21.90
      A superb collection of dozens of articles relating to the two counties.
      Fabulous reading. This series of books, starting in 1892, each contain
      a series of smaller publications relating to history and genealogy.
      They are somewhat like the present day journals of a history society or
      family history society. Lots of interest!

      Fully bookmarked and

      * Annals of Ayr
      GB1351: $21.90
      One of those really fascinating books for history and genealogy.

      Lots of snippets and details of every-day happenings in Ayr, and
      particularly so, because it covers the period from 1560 to 1692.

      Wonderful background information for your Scottish family history. Not
      only the history, but details of social life in the period.

      * The National Roll of The Great War - Luton & District
      GB1359: $27.80

      An excellent book with details of the people from Luton & District
      (Includes Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire - St. Albans, Hemel Hempstead,
      etc.) who served in the Great War.

      Not just soldiers, but also those
      with other occupations. Nurses, key factory workers etc.


      6 NEWS & GOSSIP:

      If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or
      something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to
      publish your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund
      of knowledge which I know is out there.

      * SPECIALS:
      We are still giving away a copy of "Manners and Rules of Good
      Society," CA0009 regularly: $19.00, absolutely free to all new
      customers. This book holds the key to the social code of 100 + years
      ago. A great help in understanding the attitudes and actions of our
      ancestors. Tell your friends NOW because we are talking about stopping
      this special.

      As I'm sure you know the Post Office raised it's rates earlier this
      month. We have held our Packing and Postage rates through the last two
      increases but this may be "the straw." We are "sharpening our pencils"
      again because we would like to avoid an increase if we can.

      Our shopping cart does still tend to overcharge for multiple orders.
      If you are overcharged we will make a rebate against your credit card.
      We ONLY want to cover our costs on Postage and Packing. It's not
      another source of income. If you want to place a larger order - say 6
      or more titles - please contact us and well make sure you get the right
      shipping charges.

      Archive CD Books Canada has booked to be a vendor at two Family History
      Society shows this spring. The details are in the next section of the
      newsletter. It is expensive for us to take part in these shows so we
      have to be selective, but if you know of a show - say within 500 Km of
      Ottawa - which you think we should support don't hesitate to tell us.
      We know you like to see what you are buying and we love to come out and
      meet you!


      The Genealogy and History Research Centre of the Penetanguishene Museum
      and Archives is offering a two-part genealogy course for both the
      newbie and the experienced family history researcher. The course will
      include how and where to begin, pitfalls of family history research,
      sourcing your material, organizing your files, using software,
      researching on the Internet (including using a complete subscription to
      Ancestry.com) and using the resources and facilities of the Research
      We will show you how to find your way around the shelves and files, use
      of computers, microfilm and microfiche readers. Instruction will also
      be provided in the use of the PRDH computer software program with
      access to over one million Quebec records.
      Special emphasis will be on local families and history but you will
      also learn how to research ancestors in the US, Canada or anywhere in
      the world.
      Limited to 20 participants - registration is required!
      Cost: $50 for both sessions, includes a bonus one year membership to
      the Museum and use of the Research Centre's facilities (value $30)
      Place: Penetanguishene Museum, 13, Burke St., Penetanguishene
      Dates: Saturday, February 4th and Saturday, February 11th. Time: 9:30
      AM to noon
      Instructors: Gwen Patterson, Certified Genealogist and Pam Tessier,
      Museum staff
      Register: phone the Museum office 705-549-2150 from 9 to 4:30 Monday to
      Saturday, 12 to 4:30 Sunday (cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard accepted)

      The Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society will be holding
      it's annual genealogy conference; GENE-O-RAMA 2006 on 17 - 18 March
      2006 at Orleans United Church, 111 Orleans Blvd., Ottawa (Orleans),
      For more details and registration go on-line to:
      http://www.ogsottawa.on.ca/geneorama/ or e-mail
      to:conference@... or write to: GENE-O-RAMA, c/o 6509
      Waddion Drive, Greely, ON K4P 1E7

      The British Columbia Genealogical Society presents Ken Aitken, family
      history lecturer, in seminar & lecture sessions, in Surrey & Burnaby,
      B.C., Canada.
      March 24th 2006: evening discussion seminar, "Solving Complex Research
      Problems" & March 25, 2006: daytime lectures & analysis session:
      "Distance Learning"; "Canadian Border Entry Records" & "Evaluating
      Birth Marriage & Death Information".
      Location of Lectures: Edmonds Centre, 7282 Kingsway (corner of Edmonds
      & Kingsway), Burnaby, B.C.
      Tickets for non B.C.G.S./affiliate members: $30 Friday evening (limited
      seating) & $50 Saturday sessions. Tickets available in person at
      B.C.G.S. meetings or by mail: B.C.G.S., P. O. Box 88054, Lansdowne
      Mall, Richmond, B.C., Canada V6X 3T6
      For details, including prices for B.C.G.S. & affiliate members, please
      see the B.C.G.S. website: www.bcgs.ca or call Susan Snalem 604 273 8209
      (Greater Vancouver) or e-mail Eunice Robinson at eunice@...

      The Ontario Genealogical Society is holding it's annual seminar, "From
      Buggy Whips .. to Microchips," between 26 - 28 May, 2006. It is being
      hosted this year by the Durham Region Branch of the OGS and will take
      place at Durham College & University campus, 1910 Simcoe Street N.,
      Oshawa, Ontario, L1G 4Y3.
      For full details, program and registration go on-line to:
      http://www.ogsseminar.org/index.htm , or call Anne Delong (Registrar)
      on 1-905-623-6975


      Archives of this newsletter showing all the previous release
      announcements are available in the newsletter archive which can be
      reached through,

      All our newly released books are listed on our web site in the "New
      Releases and Special Offers" page. Go to:
      <http://www.archivecdbooks.ca/new.html> for an instant update on our
      new products or look through the "New Releases" category in the on-line

      Archive CD Books Canada Inc.
      Attn.: Malcolm Moody - President
      P.O. Box 11,
      Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A2, Canada.
      (613) 692-2667
      e-mail: Malcolm@...
      Canadian web site: http://www.archivecdbooks.ca


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