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Fwd: "Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera" 2.0 and Holiday Sale

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  • Mary Arthur
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2005

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      From: "Adam C. Engst" <tc-comments@...>
      Date: December 5, 2005 16:08:45 GMT-06:00
      Subject: "Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera" 2.0 and Holiday Sale
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      Good day, everyone!

      If you're contemplating giving (or buying for yourself) a digital
      camera this holiday season, look to the second edition of Larry
      Chen's "Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera" to help you pick the
      right camera and save money, all while enjoying helpful tips and
      colorful photos. Even better, through December 26th, the ebook is
      included in our 50%-off holiday sale on consumer electronics titles.
      (If you purchased the first edition, the update is free; click the
      Check for Updates button on the cover of your ebook to access the

      Thanks to Larry's hard work and feedback from readers of the first
      edition, the ebook now provides more of everything: more info about
      digital SLR cameras, more general advice, more tips, more colorful
      photos, and the latest in up-to-date model recommendations.

      Larry walks you through the entire purchase process, providing help
      with budgeting and understanding what types of photos you want to
      take, friendly advice about the many possible camera features, expert
      guidance on reading camera reviews and evaluating picture quality,
      and suggestions on where to shop. The ebook comes packed with
      photography tips, case studies, and color photos illustrating the
      discussions, plus a significantly enhanced section about buying a
      digital SLR camera. You'll find a 2-page printable shopping
      worksheet, which you can print out, annotate as you read, and take
      with you when they shop. The ebook also includes an appendix
      summarizing popular cameras in different categories and a glossary
      covering common photography terms.

      If you buy this ebook to get help picking out the perfect camera for
      someone else, we recommend giving the ebook along with the camera.
      You can transfer it to CD, send it by email, or print it - you might
      have a local copy shop print it double-sided in color with a nice
      binding. Your recipient can find out why you chose this particular
      camera, check out the advice for improving digital photography
      skills, and read about optional accessories.

      Our 50%-off holiday sale also includes the following titles, and you
      can buy any one or more of them; the links automatically load the
      necessary coupon - CPN51201HOL - in our shopping cart.

      * "Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music"

      * "Take Control of Digital TV"

      * "Take Control of Buying a Mac"

      Book Details
      "Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera" by Laurence Chen
      PDF format, 107 pages, free 32-page sample available
      Publication date: December 4, 2005
      Price: Normally $10, on sale for $5 through December 26th
      ISBN:  1-933671-07-6

      Ordering Info
      To order, visit the Take Control Web site and click the Buy button.
      At the end of the order process, click the Download button to
      download the Zip archive that contains the PDF of the book. If you
      have any trouble, check out our Ordering Tips at:

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