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Re: Immigration Records

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  • Joyce Metcalfe
    Hi Everyone - I m having a difficult time typing today. This version corrects a few typos in my posting Joyce Metcalfe wrote: Hi
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      Hi Everyone - I'm having a difficult time typing today.  This version corrects a few typos in my posting

      Joyce Metcalfe <roots938@...> wrote:
      Hi Joanne,
      The "Ships Passenger Lists for Canada 1900-1922, 1925-1935" exist on many hundreds of reels of microfilm available through the National Archives of Canada (original filmer of the microfilms).  They are also available through the LDS Library Catalogue system and through numerous libraries and other archival institutions who have also purchased the films (e.g. Lethbridge).
      The NAC Record Group Number is RG76-C-1 and if you go to the NAC website (http://www.collectionscanada.ca/) and do a search in their catalogue (ARCHIVIANET), you can locate their! archival description of these records (i.e. the times periods and ports of entry covered by the entire record group).  In general though, the information in Archivianet is is not sufficient information to order individual microfilms from the NAC.
      The LDS Library Catalogue (accessible through their website - http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp) gives an excellent, film by film index for the Port of of Entry (ie. Quebec, Montreal, Halifax, St. John, or Sydney) and the dates covered by each FILM. 
      TIP:  I often use the NAC Archival search to locate possible groups of records and then check the LDS catalogue to see if the Church has copies of those films.  If they have (and they often do), their catalogue generally gives a more (film by film) description of the information.
      For 1912/1913 for the ports of Quebec and Montreal only the LDS film numbers go from 2308024 to 230848 (24 individual reels of microfilm).  The LDS catalogue also gives the National Archives of Canada Reel numbers (T-4783 to T-4807), which can be used to ILL the microfilms into a public library, as an alternative means to accessing them.
      For Halifax, the numbers go from 2308087 to 2308093 (T-4744 to T-4751).
      For St. John, 2308119 to 2308123 (T-4825 to T-4829)
      N. Sydney, 2308132 to 2308136 (T-4838 to T-4842)
      New York (with ultimate Canadian destinations), 2308184 to 2308194 (T-4705 to T-4717)
      Other Eastern US Ports (with ultimate Canadian destinations), 2308214 to 2308218 (T-4691 to T-4695)
      As you can see, without any other information to narrow down your search, you may be sp! ending a great deal of time hunting through microfilms to find your family.  I suspect that some "name indexes" have been compiled, but I don't know specifics on what ports and time periods have been covered.
      If you don't have any other information from within your family's records or folklore - I would check at Anc! estry.com to see what they have covered so far on their CDs or start hunting for some "name indexes" before I started accessing individual microfilms.
      Hope this helps and all the best,

      Joanne <joanneelford@...> wrote:
      Hi All,
      Would ! anyone know where I could find records relating to immigration about 1912/13. My great-grandparents (John and Annie McCool) came from Scotland to Calgary with their family. I assume they still come by ships at that time. All the passenger lists I have found are back in the 1800's, but nothing from this time period.
      Any suggestions?
      Joanne Elford

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