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RE: BC Locations

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Patricia Bay is on Saanitch Peninsula of Vancouver Island - near Victoria. In fact, it is where the Victoria airport is located. It was an airforce station
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 30, 2005
      Patricia Bay is on Saanitch Peninsula of Vancouver Island - near Victoria. In fact, it is where the Victoria airport is located. It was an airforce station from 1939-1945. My uncle was stationed with RCAF there.
      Marble Island is in the Queen Charlotte Islands, just off west coast of Graham Island - the closure of the radar base there was August 10, 1945. See Graham Island as District #54 http://www.elections.bc.ca/map/04VAs/noc_5_e_5of7.pdf and look for Marble Island - much smaller - just on left side of map. Marble Island is not far from where Gudal Creek drains into ocean.
      Ferrer Point (named for Captain Lorenzo Ferrer Maldonado, who in 1588 wrote an account where he pretended to have discovered and sailed a passageway from the Atlantic through to the northwesternmost part of the continent and thus to the Pacific Ocean and on to China; it was not discovered to be false until 1791) is on the northwest part of Nootka Island - the radar station closed September 14, 1945. Nootka Island is off the northwest coast of Vancouver Island - north of Tofino.
      This map does not show Ferrer Point but it is northwest end of Nootka Island.

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      I have been going through my dad's WW2 service record and he was assigned several places in BC but I cannot find them.
      Does anyone know where I can find, I suspect they are on  or near Vancouver Island some where;  (I have tried Mapblast but have had no results).
      a).    Patricia Bay
      b).    Marble Island
      c).    Ferrer (or Terrer) Point
      Dad was a Radio Direction Finder (RDF) Operator, in otherwords watched the radar for the enemy.
      Peter and Yvonne Adams
      Calgary, Ab
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