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  • cjkriver
    Hi Phyllis, Thanks for this. Hope to see you Monday. Carolyn ... Subject: [AYR] Church officers Resent-Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 08:42:43 -0600 Resent-From:
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 7, 2002
      Hi Phyllis,
      Thanks for this. Hope to see you Monday.

      Phyllis Ziajka wrote:

      > Hi List:
      > This came in on another list I belong to - finally getting around to
      > reading it.
      > I'm sure it will be of interest to others.
      > Cheers,
      > Phyllis
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      Subject: [AYR] Church officers
      Resent-Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 08:42:43 -0600
      Resent-From: AYRSHIRE-L@...
      Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 07:43:03 -0700
      From: Jim Bundy <jbundy48@...>
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      > Since I've transcribed so many Kirk Session minutes that mention church
      > officers, I thought this note from the Lanarkshire might be helpful to our
      > list. Thanks Pat!
      > By the way, don't try to sleep through the sermon. :)
      > Jim Bundy
      > Finally got at my books. One turned out to be not so helpful as I hoped but
      > this one:
      > DICKSON, Nicholas. The Kirk and its worthies. T.N. Foulis, Edinburgh 1914.
      > is a very good read, full of very funny anecdotes.
      > The C19 Church Officer or Beadle was effectively the servant of the Kirk
      > Session. There was another parish servant usually known as the Minister's
      > man, who was just that-- probably often a live-in manservant, coach driver,
      > ploughman, keeper of preaching-robes, etc.-- but the Beadle was a Kirk
      > Session functionary. Since the Minister was also paid by or via the Kirk
      > Session, the Beadle cd give himself airs about being his equal, and many
      > did. He was responsible for the day-to-day maintenance
      > of the building, for
      > seeing that it was cleaned and heated, locked and unlocked at the right
      > time, that the plate (dish) for the collection was in the right place, and
      > in some parishes he wd be responsible for the Communion Plate (ie the
      > goblet and platter, singular or plural, maybe pewter, maybe silver, used
      > for serving Communion.) In other places the Communion Elder wd be
      > responsible for the Plate.
      > The Kirk Session could send him on errands, that is if someone was to be
      > summoned to account for their ill-living ways (eg not having been in church
      > last Sunday) he wd be sent with the message, or to collect fines. He was
      > responsible for the parish jougs (stocks) outside the church and for the
      > cutty-stool inside it, and wd deal with leading in the delinquent who was
      > to stand penance. In the Free Kirk at least, when it took up a special
      > collection round the parish for whatever purpose (fabric fund, missionary
      > work, outreach within Scotland-- these are all C21 terms but had their
      > C19
      > equivalent) the Church Officer was sent round to collect the money house to
      > house.
      > On a Sunday he got the church ready, rang the bell for the service, then
      > carried the Bible into the pulpit, went back and led in the Minister and
      > saw him into the chancel and exchanged bows. During the service he was
      > responsible for dealing with stray dogs, dog fights (the shepherds wd bring
      > their collies to church), noisy children and sleeping adults, the latter
      > quite viciously. There are tales of pouring melted pitch onto women who had
      > pulled their plaids up round their heads to snooze through the sermon. At
      > the end of the service he wd precede the Minister out of the church very
      > solemnly. Some beadles cd be a procession on their own.
      > As the Kirk gave up a lot of its civic responsibilities to the judicial
      > system, the Beadle lost a lot of his responsibilities, but he/she (our last
      > two have been ladies) is still responsible for keeping the building clean,
      > locking/unlocking for lets and fo
      > r services, minding and humouring the
      > heating system, and escorting the minister into church just in case he/she
      > gets lost or changes his/her mind about preaching here...
      > Yet another link with the past.
      > Best,
      > Pat
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