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Re: Alberta Query

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  • Donna Coulter
    Please note that your reply will now only go to the original sender Hi-- In the 1958 Gazetteer--- Alberta Moose Mountain is N of Powder Face Ridge. 23-6---W5
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 5, 2005
      Please note that your reply will now only go to
      the original sender

      Hi-- In the 1958 Gazetteer--- Alberta
      Moose Mountain is N of Powder Face Ridge.
      Donna Coulter

      Xenia Stanford wrote:

      > Hi Phyllis - the name Moose Mountain is a popular one in North America
      > but the only one I can find in Alberta is in Kanaskis but you can see
      > the mountain from Bragg Creek. There was a dance hall built but no
      > builder or developer is name. See
      > http://www.braggcreek.ca/braggcreek/history.htm
      > These sites have additional information about Moose Mountain:
      > http://www.albertahomesearch.com/offices/braggcreek.html and
      > http://www.peakfinder.com/peakfinder.asp?Peakname=Moose+Mountain
      > There is also a Moose Mountain Provincial Park near Kenosee, SK that
      > had a dance hall built in 1909 but credit is given to R.B. Clarke for
      > building this one.
      > John Cross was married to Elizabeth Wotherspoon. Don't know if she is
      > related to your James but Cross and Elizabeth were from Scotland.
      > The following individuals are found in the local history books (titles
      > of the book follow the person's name)
      > WOTHERSPOON, Jack ; 170,171; Vermilion Memories; Vermilion River
      > WOTHERSPOON, Jake; Bowtell Tails; Vermilion River
      > WOTHERSPOON, James; A History of Olds; Mountainview
      > WOTHERSPOON, James; Olds, A History of Olds & Area; Mountain View
      > WOTHERSPOON, Mary ; 32; Vermilion Memories; Vermilion River
      > Looking at Kevisville though it is in the Red Deer County as is Moose
      > Mountain District (as far as I know there is no mountain in Moose
      > Mountain District). Since these are near Olds, I would think the
      > following would be of interest to you:
      > WOTHERSPOON, James in: A History of Olds; Mountainview
      > WOTHERSPOON, James in: Olds, A History of Olds & Area; Mountain View
      > Also Bowden is near Olds on the way to Red Deer. Since I come from
      > west central rural Alberta I pass all these places on my way "home"
      > and back from Calgary. Also growing up in rural Alberta, I know well
      > the dance hall tradition. Every district had one at one time. Every
      > Saturday night there was a dance somewhere! Everyone went from babies
      > to old people. A local band played (my family had a band - the
      > Midnight Ramblers: they even made a record! - and played at many of
      > the dances) and everyone danced everything from waltzes, polkas,
      > square dances, line dances, and so on.
      > You may be able to figure out where Kevisville (near Innisfail) would
      > be on the map at the url below with the following land description:
      > Kevisville 25-35-4-w5 Clearwater Locality
      > http://www.rootsweb.com/~canmaps/1948Waghorn/Western/index.html
      > <http://www.rootsweb.com/%7Ecanmaps/1948Waghorn/Western/index.html>
      > Garrington Bridge is between Bowden and Sundre (west of Kevisville) so
      > the story that the hall was moved via that connection is quite likely.
      > Most of these buildings had little to no foundations so were fairly
      > easily moved on skids pulled by truck or tractor. You hated to get
      > behind one of these on a narrow country road!
      > Sorry, I don't know exactly where Hub Ranch is but it must be in that
      > vicinity. So best bet would be to find the books above that mention
      > James Wotherspoon. U of C has digitized and made some of the local
      > history books available online. The index of the Ws for the Olds book
      > is at
      > Good Luck!
      > à bientôt,
      > Xenia Stanford (president@...)
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      > Hi Lists...
      > Is there anyone on the list who lives near (or knows much about) a
      > place called Moose Mountain which is supposedly NW of Boden. also
      > a place called "Kevisville" and "The Hub" Ranch.
      > I have just had an email from a distant cousin in Scotland about
      > this.... apparently the Dance Hall there (I think at Moose
      > Moutain) was built by one of her ancestors (or ancestral
      > relatives). This is something she has just found out. The
      > fellow who built this Hall was a James Wotherspoon (related to my
      > Scottish 4th-cousin, but not to me), however if I could find out
      > anything more about him or either of the above places, I'd love to
      > pass this info along to her in Scotland. Apparently the Hall was
      > later moved to Kevisville, via the Garrington Bridge.
      > If anyone can give me any further information about any of the
      > above I'd really appreciate hearing from you. Unfortunately I'm
      > leaving on holiday tomorrow, so would very much appreciate any
      > info ASAP.....
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Phyllis Ziajka
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